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Eye Candy (Americas Next Top Model, #2) Friendship Competition Romance Drama Fame Anything Is Possible.The Five Girls From Book One Are Back, And This Time There Are Boys Involved The Competition Heats Up, And So Do The Crushes On Top Of That Secrets Are Revealed, Including The Fact That One Of The Competitors Has Already Been Kicked Out Of Three Different Schools If She Can T Make It This Time, There Won T Be Another Chance, But Will Her Efforts To Save The World Get In The Way Or Can This Free Spirit Settle Down And Do What Needs To Be Done

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    This book was really good Just like the first book.

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    The book is amazing and is a recommended teens book This book was all about drama I want to read the whole series andThe five girls are amazing and mind blowing The setting was easy to understand it feels like you re actually there I hope the people that didn t read it will becaus...

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    This book was really fun to read At first it was a bit confusing, but then I got the hang of it When I chose this book, it was pretty much based on the cover, but then I started reading It was very cool reading about how it is in the modeling industry The way the characters Alexis, Chloe, Shiva Rose, and Lindsy got along was very amusing If you are in t

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    From the middle school reading list where I work Seriously I guess it has it s girl appeal but it about made me want to gag I know the author was trying to make the girlsreal than actual contestants probably are, but it was so stereotypical Since the author s...

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    Taryn Bell s books would fall under my mealtime books Usually light hearted, light reads and usually of the chick lit calibre Her books and writing are fun Of course if you re looking for deep thought provoking books this isn t one But sometimes a girl reader ne...

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    My opinion about this book it that, its a good book and very interesting The book is about these five women who go to a top modeling prep in New York city But its not only about modeling its about like boy drama who sleeps with who and all that kind of st...

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    This book was full of fun i loved it

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    Roommates Alexis, Lindsay, Chloe, and Shiva Rose have survived the first challenge at Top Model Prep without elimination, but ten other model hopefuls were not so lucky There is little room for celebration among all the drama and the next challenge approaching Lindsay knows she ll do well in the next challenge, but for some reason, she s lost part of her backstabbing attitude plus t

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    I thought that this book was overall interesting There was always a problem happening in room 14C and it all connects to something else going on with the girls Like Alexis With her stealing problems, just as she is advised to get help about it and has decided to stop , her brother threatens her to steal for him again Or Lindsay Who lost her job in the acting industry and is determined to

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