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Fear the Heart (Werelock Evolution #2) Guarding The Heart Is No Simple Matter The Mating Bond Between Werewolves Can Be A Real B Tch Just Ask Soon To Be Werewolf Milena Caro Who Is Fated To Spend An Eternity With Her Brother S Archenemy And About To Enter Her First Heat Cycle As Alex Steps Up His Seduction Attempts, Milena Uncovers Startling Truths Kept From Her Since Birth, Leaving Her At A Loss As To Whom To Trust And What To Believe.To Make Things Worse, There S The Not So Simple Matter Of An Ill Fated Blood Curse That S Blossoming To Life Within Her, Threatening To Unlock A Reign Of Darkness Upon The World With The Power To Destroy Everyone.When Milena S Heat Cycle Kicks Into Full Gear, Will She Be Able To Resist The Pull Of Her Mating Bond And Thumb Her Nose At Fate Being Bound To One Of The Most Attractive, Powerful Werelocks On The Planet Can T Be All Badcan It Mature Content Warning This Book Contains Violence, Strong Language, And Graphic Sex And Is Intended For Adult Readers This Book Is Part Of A Series And Contains A Cliffhanger Ending.

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    4.5 DOPPELGANGER Stars Not a standaloneYou are definitely my favorite addiction And I do need my fix now Rest assured, though, princess, I will keep my word and play nice with you Very f g niceHOLY CRAP This broke my thermostat TeamAlex all the way He s still demanding, devious, and dangerous, but there are a lot of reasons why he is the way he is Alex made me melt into a

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    Fear the Heart was an amazing sequel to Slip of Fate Once again I couldn t put the book down because it was fabulous I highly recommend it and the Werelock Evolution series.What I liked Alex Of course, I loved Alex He still has his moments of being mean and self absorbed, but they are dialed back a bit in this book giving us the chance to see him vulnerable In Fear the Heart,

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    Ummmm wow Hella steamy and for mature readers only

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    Milena is now adjusting to the world of the Werelocks which are werewolves and warlocks hybrids Due to an ancient curse caused by Joaquin Salvatella and delivered to her great great grandfather Hector when he was nine years old She has been wanted and hunted by those around her dying for the curse to be broken and a piece of the power It seems that Milena is the one that has been prophe

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    Absolutely a MUST READ However I highly suggest reading the 1st book Slip of Fate BEFORE reading this book I love books like this as they really take over my imagination and as in a review made by a previous reader YOU WILL CRUSH ON THE CHARACTERS I m currently torn between Alex an Alcaeusalthough I will admit that Remy had my hea...

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    I should start out with a warning or two, or even five This is the second book in the Werelock Evolution series You really SHOULD read the first one, Slip of Fate first These are meant to be read in order If you don t, you ll regret it Trust me These are not for the faint at heart They are paranormal and erotica This one has a substantial amount of heat, steam and ok, maybe combustion You will be

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    ARC provided by Author, in exchange for an honest review 4.5 Stars Fear the Heart is a very slow burn books, with teeny tiny hot moments throughout the book This sequel goes on withexplanation that could have been missed from the first book Not so much adventure in this book at all, but the adventure of Alex and Melina finding themselves If you are reading this book, don t give up All the explanation

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    What a great sequel The book starts with a lot of clarification, background and history, which answers a lot of questions you have at the end of book nr 1 I finally saw links between people and events, which were unclear before the book is of course so nicely written, that not the WHOLE story is revealed Some mysteries remain, some new ones occur, all VERY exciting I wantBesides this marvelous plot, and th

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    Like the first part, the resume is completely enchanted I couldn t put down Melina int the first part was quite lost, but this book has grown.I m glad that we gotinformation about the werelocks, such as ability to teleport for it I thought about it we would be if we could just jump from place to place, it would thrill And we met a new character, in person of Guadalupe I hope I can play a role in the next se...

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    So excited this series is being published Followed Hettie online for years and I m still hooked on her writing no matter how many times I re read these books Her werelocks are my favorite secret addiction Can t get enough of Kai and CAN NOT wait for the conclusion in book 3

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