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Feast or Famine (Temeraire, #1.5) Breakfast In Dover, With Complications Set Between The Events Of His Majesty S Dragon And Throne Of Jade

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    This was a light hearted and fun short story that the author says takes place between books 1 and 2 of the Temeraire series Temeraire and Maximus want breakfast, but the people who feed them haven t come to work yet and they don t want to wake up their tired crews

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    It cannot be very difficult, Temeraire said thoughtfully It takes them hardly the work of a moment to get it openYou might think that such a short story about dragons having their breakfast will not be interesting, but the author even in this small story has managed to prov

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    An amusing extra in which Temeraire and Maximus get into a bit of mischief one morning when the herders have slept past breakfast, and the two dragons are not content to wait.Can be read for FREE here

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    An amusing, fun, short story between His Majesty s Dragon and Throne of Jade Short story shorter, Temeraire and Maximus get into some trouble involving a gate, an animal pen, some sheep and some cows Could also be called Temeraire and Maximus Just Wanted BreakfastIt is very short so it is well

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    Blurb Breakfast in Dover, with complications.Dragons can be very clever when they re hungry Set between the events of His Majesty s Dragon and Throne of Jade, Feast or Famine is an amusing side jaunt along the way Mention of the happenings in this story are made in Throne of Jade so if you don t read it

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    When the riders are away The dragons logically contemplate the best way to have breakfast without bothering anyone This was a short, sweet moment between Temeraire and Maximus as they try to get their own food It doesn t sound like much, but because I have a soft spot for these two dragons, I found it entertainin

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    I enjoyed seeing what the dragons get up to when no one is around.Available online at

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    Funny A great expansion of an event mentioned in Throne of Jade.Those dragons are so darned cute

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    Temeraire and Maximus, 2 huge dragons acting like mischievous children so funny

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    This short story, freely available on the web, is a cute little slice of life tale of Temeraire in the covert I was skeptical that Novik could pack much into fewer than 2000 words, but it was enough to bring a smile to my face.No humans appear in the story, which made me think about how throughout the series, Novik has done such a good job of providing

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