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Fiat By The Fall Of , The Country Is Already On The Verge Of Financial Collapse, Despite The Most Aggressive Actions Conceivable By The Federal Reserve When Foreign Debt Holders Suddenly Dump Their Debt In An Act Of Aggression Against The United States, Hyper Inflation Ensues, Bringing The Government To Its Knees

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    The United States is on the verge of financial collapse In an act of economic terrorism, foreign debt holders begin to dump the United States debt back onto the U.S market Citizens are living in survival mode, quickly losing hope in the U.S

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    I don t know what it says about us as a culture that the popularity of post apocalyptic fiction has taken such a dramatic upswing over the last several years Zombies, nuclear wars, disease, aliens, climate change, cybernetic revolts even Orwell s mast

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    I ve recently finished reading Fiat by author Jeffrey D Schlaman, and I m happy to report that it was a good book In all honesty, even though I had perused the about blurb, I wasn t quite sure what to expect Especially with a title like Fiat However, let me exp

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    Review done in conjunction with SayWhatSavannahMae, check out her site for info I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own Something I completely love Books with post apocalyptic dystopian themes and undertones I adore bein

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    Set in an all too possible world a few years in the future, Jeff Schlaman s Fiat has the feel of a post apocalyptic horror story but instead of zombies or thugs brandishing weapons on a bloody field, the perpetrators are in the back rooms of Wall Street and Washington D.C Their ye

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    I received this book for an honest review.This is a very political read This book shows us what could truly happen in the near future The characters are very diverse It talks about the collapse of the financial institution and governmental corruption This book was so real that it is scary,

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    Full review coming a couple days and I will update this

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