Free ↠ Forensic Examination of Rubber Stamps By Jan Seaman Kelly –

Forensic Examination of Rubber Stamps The Purpose Of This Book Is To Inform The Document Examiner Of The Various New Manufacturing Processes And Materials And How These Processes Can Be Identified And Differentiated From Each Other In A Forensic Document Examination After A Discussion Of The History And Manufacturing Processes Of Seals In Chapter 1, Chapter 2 Introduces The Document Examiner To The Primary Classifications Of Stamps And Describes The Characteristics Necessary For Classifying A Stamp In Question Chapter 3 Is An In Depth Study Of The Various Mainstream Manufacturing Processes Of Hand, Self Inking, And Pre Inked Stamps And Each Is Described In Great Detail Chapter 4 Provides A Comprehensive Review Of The Characteristics Commonly Observed On Stamp Dies Categorized By Materials In Each Manufacturing Process As Well As The Listing Of Possible Defects Chapter 5 Provides Guidance To The Forensic Document Examiner By Suggesting Appropriate Methodologies Involving A Stamp To An Impression Comparison Or An Impression To Impression Comparison Chapter 6 Discusses The Various Techniques Available In Photographing A Stamp Die Or The Impression Chapter 7 Provides A Thorough Discussion Of Stamp Inks And Pigments Finally, A Helpful Appendix Offers Quick Reference Charts, Human Resources In The Stamp Industry, And A Very Complete Glossary The Book Contains 345 Helpful Illustrations Of Stamps, Seals, Dies, Molds, And Impressions This Unique And Comprehensive Book Can Be Used As Both An Instructional Guide And A Reference Text By The Forensic Document Examiner When Confronted With Virtually Any Case Involving A Stamp, Stamp Impression, Seal, Or Seal Embossment.

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