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Are You Looking For A Powerful Story That Also Makes You Laugh, Even In Times Of Great Chaos In February Of , Forever Across The Marsh Became A Best Seller In Multiple Categories, Including Religious Mysteries It Climbed The Charts To Reach In Cultural Humor And In Parenting Humor Unfazed By Chaos And Bad Luck, Melvin Scott Knows, Some Things A Man Must Do Himself No Matter How Dumb That Man Is His Wife Disagrees In Debt Over His Head, He Learns That A Penny Will Grow To Over ,, In Days If It Doubles Every Day He Realizes That Other Things Can Grow That Fast Too Bacteria Disease Cures Almost Anything Scott Finds Hope And The Adventures BeginConnect Savannah News Opinion The Magic Of The Marsh Is On Full Display In Forever Across The Marsh, Truly, The Book Is Unique In That It Deftly Weaves Seemingly Separate Stories Together Into One Story Of Melvin Scott, A Newcomer To Savannah That Quickly Learns About Lowcountry Life Upon Arriving From Rhode Island, Scott Finds Out He S Allergic To No See Ums Now, Humor Is A Major Part Of Forever Across The Marsh, But That S Just One Factor The Book Also Rolls In Some Deeper Meanings This Book Explores Humorous Questions Like Why Do Boats Break Down At The Worst Times And What Is A Mosquito S Purpose In Life It Also Explores Serious Questions Like Can I Feel The Presence Of Others Near Me And What Is Our Purpose In Life While Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil Shines On The City Of Savannah, Forever Across The Marsh Turns Its Gaze On The Vast, Alluring Marsh Like A Full Moon On The Night Horizon, A New Best Seller Has Risen Simply Put, There Is Nothing Like This Genre Defying Novel Forever Across The Marsh Is An Experience You Will Feel The Full Range Of Human Emotions You Will Laugh You Will Cry And You Will Look At Life DifferentlyThe Book Opens With Scott Believing He Has Found A Formula For Becoming A Millionaire, Perhaps In Less Than Thirty Days There Is A Problem Scott Lives In Total Chaos With His Wife And Young Children In A House That Is Falling Apart This Is All On Top Of Leaving The Military To Start Over Again What Follows Is A Roller Coaster Ride Of Misadventures Both Serious And Hilarious Scott S Search For Riches Comes To A Head When He Meets A Professional Treasure Hunter From Key West Who Has Located One Of Blackbeard S Sunken Ships In The Marsh Outside Of Savannah, GA Racing To Join The Treasure Hunter, Scott Stops In His Tracks When He Encounters The One Person In The World Who Could Keep Him From Finding The Treasure Find Out If Scott Ever Finds What He Was Looking For And Enjoy This One Of A Kind Ride Across The Marsh Forever Across The Marsh Is Now Forever Linked To The Real Life Treasure Hunt Story Of June As Reported By Savannah Morning News, WTOC TV Savannah, Live WCSC Charleston, Bluffton Today, Bryan County News, And Others Learn At AcrossthemarshWhat People Are Saying I Ve Been A Reader My Entire Life Couldn T Put It Down Bet You Can T Either The Author Has Successfully Woven An Inspiring, Relatable, Serious And Funny Tale That Makes You NEED To Know The Outcome And Probably The Most Successful Part Of This Book Is The Humor If You Can Read This Book Without Laughing Out Loud, Then You Probably Aren T Very Much Fun To Be Around Mike I Haven T Laughed That Much In Years And I Read This Until In The Morning For I Just Couldn T Stop Reading And I Am A Year OLD Woman Nan I Was Given This Book As A Christmas Gift She Said It Spoke To Her And After Reading A Few Lines She Knew She Had Found My Gift This Author Has Done An Amazing Job Weaving A Story That I Couldn T Put Down He Took Me On An Emotional Roller Coaster From Laughing Out Loud To Someone Must Have Been Cutting Onions Nearby I LOVED It, Incredible Fun, And I M Truly Grateful To My Daughter In Law And Mr Pearson For A Star Gift Dave Forever Across the Marsh

About the Author: Jeff Pearson

Jeff Pearson, war veteran and rising star author, wrote Forever Across The Marsh, his debut novel that rose to become one ofs Best Sellers in multiple categories In February of 2020, it became a 1Best Seller in Religious Mysteries It also climbed the charts to reach 2 in Cultural Humor and 3 in Parenting Humor.Jeff lives near Savannah, Georgia He grew up in Camden, South Carolina Early on, sports consumed Jeff This was perhaps his first passion As a young child, he often wondered if the people around him knew he would grow up to be one of the greatest professional athletes, in both football and baseball The people around him, in fact, had no clue that Jeff would grow up to star in both the NFL and Major League Baseball It is understandable that others did not immediately recognize Jeff s potential, in part, because Jeff was undersized, but primarily because Jeff would in fact not grow up to be a professional athlete.After the NFL and MLB did not work out, Jeff decided to graduate from high school so he could focus his efforts on hunting and fishing At some point, Jeff s parents convinced him to go to college It was in college, at Clemson University, where Jeff really began to develop a talent for the absurd, likely because he was surrounded by some of the best in the business This created an environment that encouraged somewhat of an arms race in humor Fortunately, this occurred at a time when every human being did not possess a digital camera Jeff ended his run at Clemson with a degree in mechanical engineering and an offer from a large corporation With a degree and a lucrative offer in hand, Jeff moved forward to pursue his dreams He promptly declined the offer, deciding instead to take a year off and live off wild game After a successful year of not buying meat, Jeff received a letter in the mail accepting him into law school at George Washington University in Washington, D.C Realizing that GW had mistaken him for someone else, Jeff quickly contacted admissions and let them know he accepted their offer This seemed like the right and honorable thing to do, considering the fact that Jeff had recently convinced another human being Megan, now his editor to spend the rest of her life with him.After three years of law school, Jeff and Megan realized that they would be in debt for the rest of their lives Then good fortune arrived a prestigious law firm offered Jeff a job makingmoney than he had ever imagined In a characteristic lapse of sanity, Jeff declined the offer and instead joined the United States Navy, thereby sealing his fate to remain forever in debt The U.S Navy sent Jeff to several exotic locations, including Afghanistan and Iraq, where Jeff had the luxury of serving in the Al Anbar province with the United States Marine Corps.Soon after Jeff returned home from a trip to Afghanistan, the young couple s first child arrived Then another And another And another It was the experience of raising children that taught Jeff how precious and short life can be.Jeff left active duty and moved to the Savannah, Georgia area to pursue a law practice that focused on intellectual property Jeff currently practices law while also serving as a reserve officer in the United States Navy.

10 thoughts on “Forever Across the Marsh

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    This book will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you wonder where the truth ends and the fiction starts Once you get started, you can t put it down The author does an excellent job of weaving together the characters and stories, arriving at an emotional but uplifting ending Looking forward to readingfrom the author

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    Couldn t put it down Bet you can t either 5 Stars I ve been a reader my entire life Well, for at least the last 35 yrs I m pretty sure my mom told me I was reading by age 4, and I ve always loved finding a great story to help me escape Nothing allows the imagination to take root quite like a good story That s a preface for why I m writing a review frankly there s

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    The Gift if HopeAn amazing book on the human elements of life Forever Across the Marsh is funny, sad and endearing Much is said and many of life s truths are reveled in these pages This book will be a treasure in your library and become an old friend that you will enjoy visiting again and again.

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    Laughed, cried, read it again Amazing story from a brilliant author It is rare for a book to make me laugh out loud repeatedly And never has the same book also had me crying This book did both The novel is very cleverly written many parts have double or triple meanings that you may not pick up on at first I was amazed at how all the characters and narratives were woven

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    It was alright.

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    ReviThis was a very strange book The story kept switching between first and third person I need the parts about Savannah I didn t like the ending.

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    I loved this book I haven t laughed that much in years and I read this until 5 00 in the morning for I just couldn t stop reading and I am a 87 year OLD woman nan

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    I ve had a streak of reading unusual books lately Books that were not enjoyable I was looking forward to something different The story jumps around and as each new chapter begins, you aren t sure which character is talking Confusing and disjointed I m now going to find a novel by one of several authors who writes books that I like I need a beach read

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    This book kept me guessing on what was real, what was mystical and what really happened It made me wonder many times what was true and what was fiction The characters were very well fleshed out I even think of their house The Wreck as a character and the author wove them together.This is one you have to chew on and digest, but I liked it.

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    Feels good. This is a nice bookjust not my favorite genre The author does a great job with his characters, their surroundings, the storyline Humor, funny stories of course Brother David with his sermons the witch Plus Jessekind of still trying to figure him out.Anyway this is what I call a feels good book Feels good. This is a nice bookjust not my favorite genre The author does a great j

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