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Get Married Is It Okay To Want To Be Married Is There Anything A Woman Who Has Never Been Married Can Do To Make Marriage Likely Candice Watters Gives Women Permission To Want Christian Marriage, Encourages Them To Believe It S Possible, And Supplies The Tools To Get There Despite Our Post Marriage Culture Get Married Includes The Author S Personal Journey From Singleness To Marriage As Well As A Biblical Perspective On Marriage It Shows How Living Intentionally Is The Key To Marrying Well Get Married Is A Fresh And Hopeful Perspective That Empowers Single Women To Pray Not Only For Their Friends, Parents, And Churches, But The Men Who Are Or Could Be Part Of Their Lives

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    Zero stars First, a disclaimer 1 This is a very long review I didn t mean it to be, but there is a lot I wanted to cover so as to present a fair picture of this book s arguments and issues.2 All opinions are my own, and I acknowledge that opinions are subjective.3 I m a Christian wh

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    This is not another book on the topic of just be content in your singleness and patiently wait for God to bring you a husband Candice Watters explains that there are things you should be doing now if you desire marriage, and it is God s will for most people to be married This book was very re

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    Not too provoking.

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    Most single girls that I know deeply desire marriage and many feel stuck in a prolonged season of singleness We often lament, Where are the men It s not like there s anything I can do about my single state After all, I m a woman, and the men are supposed to initiate, right What s a girl to do Enter Candice Watte

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    I actually need to read this one again I read it so fast today,I don t really remember what all it said.But basically, this book is against all the sit, wait, and hope God will drop a husband in your lap mindset most of us sheltered, non dating type girls have come to accept Candice Watters argues that there is, indeed, s

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    Foreward by R Albert Mohler, Jr What Women Can Do To Help It Happen Unique among books for single Christian women, Candice s story, along with her discussion of Biblical principles for marrying well, will encourage never married women, whatever their age and prospects You can be content with where you are today and still desire mar

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    If marriage is something that you desire, then you really need to read this book Marriage is a gift from God, something that He does want to bless most people with But with today s breakdown of the family, the lines between masculinity and femininity blurred and a career driven confused culture.there is becoming less and less people entering

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    I read this book with an open mind, and in the end I was not impressed Actually I was a little angry with some suggestions It is one thing to take care of yourself eat well, exercise regularly, etc but Candace seemed to emphasize being THIN She uses an example of a young man in college who didn t seem to notice her until after she lost weight I feel t

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    This marriage book was quite refreshing because it is written for single ladies and is advises women not to merely wait on the Lord and sit around doing nothing Instead, the Watters writes on ways women may be preparing for marriage even as a single She shares her own love story and reminds women that they, too, have a role to play before they meet their future

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    I borrowed this book from the library Not necessarily ground breaking for boundless readers I didn t learn anything particularly new other than gaininsight into Candice s personal life and stories P A good wrap up of her work, and with supportive biblical advice I better read this again another time Something I left with is a desire to share this message with other young

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