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Gladiator: Fight for Freedom Gladiaattori Taistelu Vapaudesta On Simon Scarrowin Uuden Nuorille Suunnatun Historiallisen Seikkailusarjan Avausteos Kirjan Tapahtumat Sijoittuvat Rooman Valtakuntaan Vuonna 61 Ennen Ajanlaskumme Alkua Kirja Nousi Heti Ilmestymisviikollaan Britannian Bestseller Listalle.Nuoren Marcus Cornelius Primuksen El M Muuttuu Ankaran Kurinalaiseksi H Nen Aloittaessaan Huipputaistelijaksi T Ht V N Koulutuksen Gladiaattorikoulussa Marcus Ei Voi Unohtaa Menneisyytt N H Nen Is Ns On Murhattu Ja Itins Siepattu Ja Myyty Orjaksi Marcus Janoaa Kostoa Ja On P Tt Nyt Etsi K Siins Is Ns Entisen Komentajan, Pompeius Suuren, Pyyt Kseen Apua Ja Pelastaakseen Itins Tiet M Tt N H N Kuitenkin Kantaa Hengenvaarallista Salaisuutta Jos Roomalaiset Saavat Sen Selville, Pakotiet Ei Ole.Simon Scarrow On Ker Nnyt Maailmalla Suurta Suosiota Historiallisille Faktoille Uskollisilla Romaaneillaan Scarrow Kiinnostui Historiasta Koulussa Rakkaus Antiikin Maailmaan Sai Alkunsa Latinan Ja Historian Tunneilla Gladiaattori Taistelu Vapaudesta On H Nen Ensimm Inen Nuortenromaaninsa. Marcus Cornelius Primus is the son of a Roman Centurian With the first ten years of his life spent on his family s farm in Greece, Marcus life is suddenly turned upside down when his father is killed and he and his mother are taken as slaves Marcus is then sold to a Gladiator trainer where he learns to fight whilst all the time contemplating his escape and how he can find and free his mother He sets his sights on somehow making it to Rome to find General Pompeius, who s life his father once saved, in the hope he will help that is until Marcus finds out that his past is not what he always thought it to be.This is a fast paced, exciting adventure story that I imagine is primarily aimed at ten to fourteen year old boys but at the same time is a great read for all Scarrow s writing superbly describes the scenes and the period in which the book is set and you really get a sense of what it was like to be a slave in the Roman era It is clearly well researched The fight scenes don t hold back on their realism but are still appropriate for the target age of the book.I liked that Marcus acted his age He would sometimes not make the best decisions, acting in tune to his feelings than what might be best lon Boooooooring For a long time, I have been interested in historical fiction, and ancient Rome has a special place in my heart when it comes to interests This is the first volume of a new series about Marcus Cornelius Primus As the book opens, Marcus father Titus Cornelius Pollenius is on the battlefield fighting in the conclusion to the Spartarcus wars The rebelling slaves have all but lost Just at the conclusion of the battle, Titus saves the leading General Pompeius from an attack by one of the slaves and is rewarded with a selection of the recently captured slaves Titus chooses Marcus mother Livia.After this opening, the novel jumps ahead 10 years The family has settled on an island estate only to find its fortunes fading, largely due to struggling crops from their farms They are greatly in debt, and everything falls apart when Decimus comes calling after his money Since none is forthcoming, Desimus decides to take it in the form of the family itself Titus is killed and Livia and Marcus are sold into slavery Unfortunately, they are separated with Marcus finding himself taking on the role of gladiator in training.Fro This book was a great history story It was a great fun,historical and enjoyable read This book takes place in Rome 61BC ago.Plot When 10 year old Marcus Cornelius Primus the main character his father dies Him and his Mom get sold to slavery while Marcus Cornelius Primus a gladiator training school south of Rome.As he learns the ways of how to be a gladiator and survive.Characters Commander Pompeius,Marcus Cornelius Primus, Mom,Dad,Soldiers of RomeThe Genre of the book is young adult fiction has the book was made for kids, and it was a fictional book about the way how Marcus learns how to survive and be a gladiator.The way that Simon Scarrow writes his book is He will always describe the felling is that he will explain his felling as if it was real For example when his father died he explained it as if it really happened to him The thing that i found unique about this book The setting and the story was unique to me because, I have never re 1.I decided to read Fight for Freedom by Simon Scarrow because I enjoy learning about ancient Greece and so since Rome is Right next to Greece I decided to read this book i also had a read of the blurb and saw that his father was murdered as a centurion which high rank in the Roman Military so i wanted to find out.2.One of the Characters I found interesting in Fight for Freedom was Marcus Cornelius Primus because at the start his father was confronted be a tax collector s thug and so marcus decided to train his dog, his best and only friend into a guard dog, a fierce and killer dog i found that interesting because i don t think i would do something like that but his dog was still killed along with his father 3.My favorite quote from the book was said by Brixus a lieutenant of the Famous Spartacus who said to Marcus you carry the mark of the rebellion, you carry the mark of Spartacus i fond this interesting because he said in a slave house and nearl 3.5 starsBig warning about spoilers Don t look at the titles of the rest of the series before you finish this book or you ll be able to guess the big reveal at the end very easily It is predictable anyway, but still.This is the kind of book that would have been much believable if Marcus, the main character, had been two years older His age works at first, because he still has a lot of childhood innocence and believes that people will believe him if he tells the truth and that people will fight for what is right However, as soon as loses that, he starts behaving in a much mature way, a way that is a bit too mature for a boy who just turned eleven.Even though This book had everything but something new The same old story Someone makes the MC s life a living hell bonus points if this someone kills the MC s family as well MC swears revenge against the aforementioned someone Then throw in a lot of complications bullies, starvation, poverty, life and death situations In short, all tragedies imaginable And BAM There s the ultimate plot twist Sadly, not even the plot twist here surprised me All I had as a reaction wasOkay Whatever L Simon Scarrow expands his literary Roman empire into the realm of children s books, with the first in a new series Fight for Freedom Scarrow is most well known for his action adventure Eagle series which focuses on a pair of Roman Legionaries fighting the good fight for the Emperor during the early years of the first century With Fight for Freedom , he steps back a century back in time, centering around the years following the Spartacus rebellion A young boy s father is killed, and he and his mother wind up at a slave auction setting up a this nice adventurous tale After being captured and sold as a slave during a bungled attempt to stow away on a ship, the hero Marcus listens to his introduction at his new residence a gladiator training school south of Rome This is your new home This is the only home you have from now on Where you came from is no than a memory, and it will go easer with you if you try to forget your past lives That is all dead to you now All that remains is to learn how to fight and survive The plot is cliched and most conclusions are obvious Scarrow does a nice job, howe This was a weird one I liked the storyline enough though I couldn t possibly believe that the MC was a 10 year old kid The way he spoke seemed fit for a grown adult than a fumbling kid not even hit by puberty yet

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Simon Scarrow is a UK based author, born in Nigeria, and now living in Norfolk He completed a master s degree at the University of East Anglia, and, after working at the Inland Revenue, went into teaching as a lecturer at City College, Norwich.He is best known for his Eagle series This is Roman empire military fiction, starting with the second invasion of Britain, and continuing with subsequen

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