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Good Wood (Carved Hearts, #1) It S The Sign Of A True Artisan When He Can Create Beauty From What Others Consider Trash It Takes Heart To Use A Twisted Bit Of Scrap And Make Something From It As If It Were Good Wood Somehow Joe Survived The Unlivable, And Now He S Just Going Through The Motions An Endless String Of One Night Stands Does Little To Dull The Ache From All He S Lost Even Though He Distracts Himself Daily With Back Breaking Work, His Violent Rage Still Simmers Just Under The Surface.Then Along Comes Molly, The Feisty Baby Sister Of His Two Best Friends Joe Hasn T Seen Her In Years, And He S Unprepared For His Reaction To Her When She Falls Out Of The Food Truck And Into His Arms Molly Is Still As Mouthy As Ever, And Now She S As Delicious As The Food She S Serving Up It S Totally Against The Bro Code , But He Just Can T Seem To Keep His Hands Off Of Her.Molly Has Come Back Home To Austin To Mend Fences And Feed A Whole New Crowd Dealing With Joe S Demons Doesn T Figure Into Her Business Model Something Is Very Different About Him And She Craves The Old Joe She Used To Have A Crush On.Still, The Broody Carpenter S Swagger Is Damn Near Irresistible And All Work And No Play Makes Molly A Cranky Girl.

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    Kindle Freebie Joe survived the unlivable, and now he s just going through the motions An endless string of one night stands does little to dull the ache from all he s lost Even though he distracts himself daily with back breaking work, his violent rage still simmers just under the surface

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    3 StarsGood Wood was the story of two people who have had terrible things happen to them in their past relationships Joe and Molly have known each other since childhood, but haven t seen each other in a decade When Molly moves back home, she and Joe run into each other and sparks fly Try as they mig

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    An emotional 5 star ride that was sweet, beautiful and heartbreaking I received this copy of Good Wood for an honest review Wow What a story The first chapter had me crying into my pillow I had to stop because I had this sneaky suspicion I was gonna cry a lot and I wasn t wrong What I was wrong about was that

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    4.5 SOLID STARS But we authors round up There are quotes from the book in this review So that may mean spoilers but I never give share details after I turn the page.Starting with the less I hate this part but I get it out of the way and then it s done 1 4 of a star was based on the sexual scenes I wantedM...

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    What a wonderful story Joe and Molly are really believable characters and so heartwarming and sweet I hear there s a sequel in process, and I cannot wait to get my hands on it Definitely would recommend to any all friends

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    I mean come on with a title like Good Wood.can you really go wrong This was a great contemporary romance The first novel in what looks to be a very promising series One of the things I enjoyed the most was how both of the main characters were dealing with a their own individual, and very serious, issues Joe dealing with an unimaginable lo

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    This book is good Really good It is one of those books I m just going to tell you to go out and buy It s totally worth putting down whatever you re reading right now and starting Add it to the top of your TBR.It s the story about 2 people falling in love after tragedy It had me tearing up in the first chapter when you learn about Joe and his traged

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    3 STARSI really liked this one The characters and storyline were very enjoyable My heart broke for Joe I was actually loving it until the end I didn t like how it ended at all I didn t realize that there were twobooks after this one It didn t end with a cliffhanger which was a plus but I didn t think this couple s story needed twobooks Of course, I won t be

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    5 I loved it stars Ok, so I ll just say the fact that I stayed up past 2am on a school night no less goes to show how much I loved this book lol I was totally glued to this story, I loved all the characters, and can t wait to read the other books in this series.

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    Perhaps it s not the done thing, but I am the first to admit that I judge books by their covers and by their titles In the case of Good Wood, I felt the need to read it because it had a humorously dirty title and I assumed the book would be much the same The blurb warned me that Joe Jensen had survived the unlivable but even so I wasn t truly prepared for a book with a punny ti

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