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Goodnight Stranger Lydia And Lucas Moore Are In Their Late Twenties When A Stranger Enters Their Small World On Wolf Island Lydia, The Responsible Sister, Has Cared For Her Pathologically Shy Brother, Lucas, Ever Since Their Mom S Death A Decade Before They Live Together, Comfortable Yet Confined, In Their Family House By The Sea, Shadowed By Events From Their ChildhoodWhen Lydia Sees The Stranger Step Off The Ferry, She Feels An Immediate Connection To Him Lucas Is Convinced The Man, Cole Anthony, Is The Reincarnation Of Their Baby Brother, Who Died When They Were Young Cole Knows Their Mannerisms, Their Home, The Topography Of The Island What Else Could That Mean Though Lydia Is Doubtful, She Can T Deny She Is Drawn To His Magnetism, His Energy, And His WarmthTo Discover The Truth About Cole, Lydia Must Finally Face Her Anxiety About Leaving The Island And Summon The Strength To Challenge Cole S Grip On Her Family S Past And Her Brother A Deliciously Alluring Read, Goodnight Stranger Is A Story Of Choices And Regrets, Courage And Loneliness, And The Ways We Hold On To Those We Love

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    4.5 stars It s difficult to put Goodnight Stranger into a specific genre It s a slow burn thriller, that is dark and almost noir like It s a domestic story of stunted people, developmentally arrested due to tragedy It s a story of allowing a specific event to define you for the rest of your life.Lydia, the narrator, begins by informing the reader that Baby B w

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    This book kind of came out of nowhere for me In the best way possible.Lydia is one of a set of triplets, living with her only living sibling, Lucas, on remote Wolf Island located fictionally next to Martha s Vineyard The island itself is a metaphor for the isolation of Lydia and Lucas, living alone in a rambling beach side house They are isolated from the world on their

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    I devoured Miciah Bay Gault s captivating debut novel, Goodnight Stranger I couldn t put it down It is at once suspenseful and moving and visceral and human I will be thinking about this book for a very long time Don t sleep on this It s a perfect read.

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    2 stars Meh Just ok.A dark but not gory mystery that is extremely slow to unfold and above all things, strange I was interested enough to keep reading until the end but there were no passages that I desired to highlight I honestly believe I will remember the general premise for a while due to its oddity, but otherwise, it was an ok, but forgettable read First Sentence Baby B was our brothe

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    This is my favorite new book coming out in 2019 Gault is a singularly talented writer and a major new talent I can t speak highly enough of this book Read it.

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    An exciting, crisp, and well paced story about regrets, choices, and letting go.

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    Storyline was Ok.Characters Unusual.Lacked Connection.2 Waning Stars.Cleanishhhh.Foul Language.

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    Lydia and Lucas live together in a ramshackle house on fictitious Wolf Island, the smaller, less well endowed neighbor of Nantucket and Martha s Vineyard Their mother died 10 years ago, Lucas has anxiety issues, and Lydia, well Lydia came back to the island before completing a single semester at Brown to care for their mother and hasn t left since They are the two remaining children of a set of triplets, the dead one being Baby

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    Some fine writing from an emerging star Excellent sense of place Taut and compelling at the end.

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    Lucas and Lydia are very hard to like They make a lot of strange decisions and almost seem backward By the end, the book has turned into a mystery The book was trying hard but didn t know which lane to stay in When your favorite character is the villain it s hard to love the book.This moved slowly and was frustrating at times Thank you to Netgalley, the author, and the publisher for allowing me to read an advanced copy of this book.

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