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Her Pregnancy Secret Ebook Her Pregnancy Secret Author Ann Major Pembspm.co.uk She D Almost Made Him Believe She Was Innocent Michael North Knew Bree Oliver Was A Gorgeous Gold Digger After His Brother S Fortune, So He Seduced Her In A Night Of Lovemaking And Swore He D Let Her Go Then A Tragic Accident Changed Everything Now He Must Honor A Deathbed Promise To His Brother To Protect The One Woman Michael Can Never Trust But Watching Over The Pregnant Bree Tests The Tycoon S Self Control Is Bree As Virtuous As She Claims Or Is He A Fool To Fall For Her Act Torn Between Desire And Distrust, Michael S Walking A Treacherous Line, Unaware Of The Shocking Secret She S Carrying.

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    Muw ha ha ha The inner monologuing, okay, external and internal monologuing, has begunOkay, then, if Will doesn t want you because he has someone else, there s nothing to stop me from having you Here s a new deal for you If you cut Will loose as an investor and become my mistress

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    I had high hopes for this book because it s a theme I usually enjoy But the hero, Michael, spent so much of the book being not just a jerk, but a cruel one, that I couldn t connect with him at all It all starts when he seduces the woman he thinks is after his younger brother He s going to

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    it took a long time for Michael to realise dat his brother had been gay and Bree had been innocent all along it was very obvious dat he was enamoured wid Bree though he wud not admit it the basic plot was interesting but i got bored a lil along the way, hence the 2 stars.

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    Michael was very mean, and cruel to Bree at the beginning of this story Don t stop reading, because the book does get better Michael believed Bree was only after his brother s money, thinking she is nothing but a gold digger He is very protective of his brother For his brother was the only person that had eve

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    Michael was a complete douche from the start to almost the end of the book Besides, it was very predicable and really boring.

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    Michael knew poverty He was raised poor When his mother married an affluent man, Michael was old enough to work hard and learn to be successful His step father had adopted him even though he had a natural younger son Michael s adoptive father left the family business to Michael when he died and asked Michael to look after his yo

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    The story was good, but both the hero and heroine drove me nuts.

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    boooooring and the same problem keep being repeated she want him he doesn t want, he want her she doesn t want, she want him he doesn t want seriously

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    A driven, controlling man and a vulnerable, naive young woman are brought together by loss and need in Her Pregnancy Secret from author Ann Major Michael North works and plays by his own rules, and he is ruthless in his manipulations to have things his way to him, his way is the only way Keeping his own brother safe from a scheming female is par for the cour

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    This was a great read I enjoyed this book and recommend it.Micheal North thinks that Bree Oliver is only after his families.He actually doesn t trust anyone but when he makes a promise on hisbrothers deathbed to take care of Bree He must learn to trust again for both their sakes and for what he doe...

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