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Herald of the Storm (Steelhaven, #1) Welcome To Steelhaven Under The Reign Of King Cael The Uniter, This Vast Cityport On The Southern Coast Has For Years Been A Symbol Of Strength, Maintaining An Uneasy Peace Throughout The Free States But Now A Long Shadow Hangs Over The City, In The Form Of The Dread Elharim Warlord, Amon Tugha When His Herald Infiltrates The City, Looking To Exploit Its Dangerous Criminal Underworld, And A Terrible Dark Magick That Has Long Been Buried Once Again Begins To Rise, It Could Be The Beginning Of The End.

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    So, this book interested me for a variety of reasons, not least of them the fact that the author Richard Ford entered and won a contest to narrate a Broken Empire Jorg short story for me text audio free to download He did a great job

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    Love this book But then I wrote it, so I would wouldn t I Wouldn t I

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    Richard Ford s publisher was kind or foolish enough to send me a copy of HERALD OF THE STORM Being a gritty fantasy debut novel very much in the vein of my own, I of course couldn t resist the opportunity to read it with a cynical eye, determined to pen

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    Great start Lots of characters and storylines being introduced so you need to approach this as the beginning of a series If you are looking for a satisfactory ending or compartmentalized book book series, this is definitely not for you.With that said, the writing

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    did not expect to have much interest in this based on earlier work by the author the prose is not bland like say in, City, the other recent epic fantasy release marked as tried not for me , but at least for now it did not work for me however this one warrants another try a

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    Originally reviewed here ll admit I was not expecting much I just happened to be on the library website renewing something else, when I saw this It happened to have been on my to read list I happened to have succumbed in a moment of weakness I have a virtual pile waiting for my atte

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    Strong debut that makes the series look very promising.

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    Great book A character driven tale of a city facing approaching turmoil I enjoyed all of the characters and loved how they interacted as the plots mingled A must read.

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    Writing 4 5Imagination 4 5Plot 4 5Setting 3.5 5Characters 4 5Grimdark 4.5 5My Overall Enjoyment 4.5 5I wish I stuck with this last year because it s great After a bit of a slow start, which was why I set it aside last year, the different story lines really hooked me and I found myself anxiously turning pages awa

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    The ReviewAn excellent book Unputdownable, engrossing, spectacular you won t want to miss thisThe Founding FieldsThere s a lot of grimdark fantasy out there at the moment George RR Martin s A Song of Ice and Fire, The First Law Series by Joe Abercrombie, and Mark Lawrence s Broken Empire Trilogy are three of thenotable bo

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