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Since Ancient Times, The Pundits Have Lamented Young People S Lack Of Historical Knowledge And Warned That Ignorance Of The Past Surely Condemns Humanity To Repeating Its Mistakes This Book Demolishes The Conventional Notion That There Is One True History And One Best Way To Teach It. Historical Thinking and Other Unnatural Acts

About the Author: Sam Wineburg

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Historical Thinking and Other Unnatural Acts book, this is one of the most wanted Sam Wineburg author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Historical Thinking and Other Unnatural Acts

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    Basic critism of our educational system However, the author offers no suggestion to an alternative method.

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    Wineberg is lively But you can tell he has never had to teach using state mandated standards Anyone can make Rosa Parks or the Civil War interestingwe have primary sources that our kids can access, including...

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    One of the critiques I have read about this book is that it does not provide a how to of historical thinking I m not sure why this is a critique of the book, because Wineburg doesn t put forth that he will be trying to give teachers tools on how to teach historical thinking This book is an exploration of what historical thinking is Othe

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    An incredibly useful book for history teachers and anyone interested in history education In this book, Wineburg questions the way people tend to think about history and the way it should be taught He argues persuasively for viewing history as a set of skills and a way of thinking rather than simply a list of facts, names, dates, and event

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    I got a hold of this book primarily because of the title It reminded me of a comment I read along the lines that any adult who willingly closes the door behind him as he enters a roomful of 16 year olds to teach them history has got to be nuts I ve been willingly closing the door for the last twenty years Read the first chapter, then skip to

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    This book offered insight into how we might better learn and understand history It was very interesting to consider that it is through understanding the dialogue in context of the epoch that we cantruly understand the actors and the actions of those making history.Some chapters in the book went by easily, where others were tedious and laborious

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    I was poking at mywishlist, and Historical Thinking and Other Unnatural Acts came up as a you might also be interested in this recommendation I couldn t resist a title like that.It was a surprisingly fast read If you ve ever thought about teaching history, and or pondered what the best way to do it is, or wondered why or if it s important, then you

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    Read for class Actually a fairly decent book It s the collected papers of a cognitive scientist who specializes in how we learn and teach history He offers a variety of studies that look at generational differences in how history is understood, and taught He investigates what does it mean to think historically rather than suffering from present ism, o

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    This is primarily a collection of essays and articles reformatted as chapters that Wineburg has published elsewhere In each, Wineburg poses many important questions regarding how history is taught and learned, and why, but does not necessarily come to any major conclusions A thought provoking read, certainly, but one that may frustrate someone looking fo

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    I m glad I read this book, but I m not sure what to do with it Wineburg discusses various ways that American primary school students lack the tools for robust historical thinking He tentatively identifies various causes for the deficiency But I m not sure that the book will actually help me with my college teaching responsibilities If my students come to un

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