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Hoda Hoda How I Survived War Zones, Bad Hair, And Kathie Leeis A Memoir Of Lessons Hoda Kotb Has Learned Along Her Journey, From Breast Cancer Survivor To Today Show Anchor.

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    I have had many opportunities to be in the same room, at the same function, and to speak with Hoda Kotb throughout the last seventeen years or so She has been the guest at many club functions and the guest speaker at others I can still remember my first encounter with Hoda I met up with her to escort her to an event that I was chairing where she had agreed to be the

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    Since I am home for the summer, I have occasionally tuned into the 4th hour of the Today Show with Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotbquite a difference from the earlier hard news focus of the first couple of hours I was familiar with both correspondents, KLG from Regis, and Hoda from her work on Dateline I admire Hoda and always enjoyed and learned from her pieces She w

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    I m only about 1 3 of the way into it She can be very funny I was impressed that it was only after 27 rejections that she got a news job on her 28th audition Most people would have given up long before the 27th rejection Skipped chapters on political assignments and sports stuff just doesn t interest me Overall, some sections were very funny, but generally boring I ho

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    I have always like Hoda Kotb and this quick memoir made me like her evenI really enjoyed her style of writing I felt I was watching a Dateline episode from start to finish This wasn t a look at how wond...

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    I really like Hoda s on air presence, especially her banter with Kathie Lee Gifford, one of my favorites don t hate, LOL I picked up this book and read it quickly, devouring the pages devoted to her close knit, Egyptian family I was taken by the close relationship she had with her siblings, relationships that she has maintained into her adulthood Hoda and I are the same

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    Another one of those autobios that I want to give a 3.5 why don t you do half stars, goodreadsI absolutely love Hoda, especially after reading this book It s hard not to as she comes off a warm, open and inviting person and I m convinced that she is The book pretty much takes you on her career path, sprinkled in with accounts of her loving family and deep, connected rela

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    A fast read, it was so interesting reading about Hoda s life Her career is everything I look for as a broadcast journalism major, just minus the heartbreak and cancer An inspirational story, and even better that I got it signed

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    Nice, light fangirl stuff.

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    Hoda seems to be a really nice person She is bright, loyal, stable, kind She doesn t gossip She loves everyone What a boring book

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    It is nice to pickup biography s every now and then, this one just happened to jump out at me and I m glad it did It was nice getting the back story on Hoda Look forward to her day shows with Kathie Leetwo funny gals that have a great friendship

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