[Ebook] ↠ Home Game (Vancouver Wolves Hockey, #2) Author Odette Stone – Writerscompany.co.uk

Home Game (Vancouver Wolves Hockey, #2) He S A Professional Hockey Player Trying To Survive On His New Team I M Just Trying To Survive I M Down To My Last Dollar I Live Day To Day In A World That Doesn T Care Despite My Bad Luck, I M A Fighter I Never Give Up I Never Stop Trying Ryan Parker S Wealth And Generosity, Sets Him Apart From Anyone I Know Yet, I Don T Trust Him It S Nothing Personal I Trust No One But When My Bad Luck Takes A Turn For The Worse, One Person Shows Up Ryan Parker I Do Not Understand Why He Bothered Because The Guy Has Enough Of His Own Issues To Deal With But I Don T Have A Choice I Need Him It S A Matter Of Survival His Friendship Changed Everything It Changed Me I Started To Believe In Myself I Allowed Myself To Trust And For The First Time, In A Long Time, I Felt My Heart Beat Again In The Game Of Love, Winning Is Harder Than It Looks I Don T Know The Rules I Don T Know How To Win But I Ll Play My Heart Out Until The Whistle Blows Home Game.

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