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Horizons Edge (The Beginning After The End, #4) Solitude Is Said To Linger Closely Behind Those With Great Power Standing As A King With Unrivaled Strength, Status, And Fame Even So I, Who Once Fought To Live, Lay Drowned In My Shallow Throne With No Will Or Purpose There Were Many Who Were Jealous Of Me, But I Would Gladly Say, Take It All From Me It Ll Be My Gift One Day, I Finally Got My Gift A New Life With A Second Chance To Right My Wrongs And Fulfill My Regrets, Allow Me To Show You What A Former King Can Do 4th Volume Of The TBATE Series. Keep the books comingThe newest book is just as great as the others and leaves you wanting I really can t say enough about this line of books they are just amazing Huge disappointment Almost insultingly bad Do you want to read a short book with no action until the last act, only to be trolled by a Bad End cliffhanger Are you tired of everything cool in the last few books, and ready to dive into highschool romantic drama and poorly written political conspiracies Are you ready for unexplained rocketing power levels and the meaningless deaths of side characters to show how bad the bad guys are Are you ready for this series to turn into a crappy anime If so, man, this is the book for you If that doesn t sound 4.25 Stars Annoying storytellingToo many long POV changes taking us from main character, useless foreshadowing information overload, and upsetting cliffhanger as soon as the story finally starts.

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