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How to Train a Cowboy Reading How To Train A Cowboy By Caro Carson Bandcamptomp3.co.uk LESSONS IN LASSOING Though Marine Hero Benjamin Graham Doesn T Know The First Thing About Ranching, His New Job Is The Lifeline He Desperately Needs Without The Help Of Feisty Cowgirl Emily Davis, Though, He S Lost In Ways Than One But As Their Attraction Turns Combustible, The Hardened Battle Vet Turns Away From The Gorgeous College Coed She Might Know Every Inch Of Her Family S Homestead, But Graham Doesn T Want Her To Know His Pain Even If The World Is Emily S Oyster, All She S Ever Wanted Is The Family Ranch And Though Rugged New Ranch Hand Graham Seems Like An Unlikely Trainee, He Is Taking Her Dreams Of Running The Ranch Seriously Than Anyone Else As They Grow Closer During Hot Days And Nights Working The Range, Emily Starts To Think That Maybe The Ranch Is Only A Piece Of Her Dream

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    I loved reading this book True to life characters and to me Graham was Emily s knight in shining armor, coming to the rescue to save her in a couple of incidents My first read by this author and hope to read .

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    Emily Davis resented being told what to do, and her lousy ex boyfriend s harassment After stopping at a local bar, she shut down said ex and when he tried to persist Ben Graham scared him off Graham was strongly drawn to Em as she was to him, and as they chatted by the bar, he noticed a fight starting a

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    Good book Graham left the Marines after eight years, burned out on the things he d seen and done But coming home wasn t the answer either He spent time putting his business degree to use but still felt unsettled and lost Then his uncle offered him a job as a ranch hand, something he knew nothing about The ni

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    I found this to be a good romantic read that is full of love, hope, family and friendships This book takes many twist and turns along the way making it a interesting read While I like romance novels, I found this one to be uniquely different then most You will not see a lot of the eve...

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    The author sent me an ARC of this novel, and this is an honest review I enjoyed the book very much The characters are warm and appealing The hero is very protective of the heroine in all ways Not only does he protect her physically, he nurtures her desire for independence This is a tender, realistic, honestly told rom

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    If I were in my 20s, this probably would have gotten a 4th star I m not in the mood for a 22 year old heroine s coming of age tale though It s feminist well done on that front, especially as the heroine considers at the start of the book if she should act girly at a bar or just be herself.The hero is appealing, despite suf

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    I think it was the pretty cover on the cover that may have drawn my eye Then there was the fact that there was the word Cowboy in the title and I was sold After reading the description the book sounded like it was good for me After reading it I couldn t help but think it was nice It was a pretty good book Not the best that I ve

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    This story touched my heart You have a very protective hot Hero who saves heroine several times, and a beautiful spunky heroine who is dealing with family, school and stuff They have an instant connection and there were other aspects that were completely unexpected but seamlessly woven into the main story and added a lot of emotiona

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    So good It s been years since I ve read a category romance so when I picked up this book, I expected much the same as I read a decade ago A cute meet, a crisis point, then HEA Short, sweet, to the point How to Train a Cowboy was all that and so much I wasn t prepared for the way it made me cry within the first 20 pages Caro Carson s cha

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    How To Train A Cowboy A Texas Rescue series by Caro Carson Marine Hero Benjamin Graham knows nothing about ranching His uncle gives him a job on a ranch where he is foremen On his way there he meets Emily Davis at a bar A fight breaks out, they get out the back way and take off in Benjamin s truck since parking lot is full of bikers and polic

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