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In an Instant A Deeply Moving Story Of Carrying On Even When It Seems Impossible Life Is Over In An Instant For Sixteen Year Old Finn Miller When A Devastating Car Accident Tumbles Her And Ten Others Over The Side Of A Mountain Suspended Between Worlds, She Watches Helplessly As Those She Loves Struggle To SurviveImpossible Choices Are Made, Decisions That Leave The Survivors Tormented With Grief And Regret Unable To Let Go, Finn Keeps Vigil As They Struggle To Reclaim Their Shattered Lives Jack, Her Father, Who Seeks Vengeance Against The One Person He Can Blame Other Than Himself Her Best Friend, Mo, Who Bravely Searches For The Truth As The Story Of Their Survival Is Rewritten Her Sister Chloe, Who Knows Finn Lingers And Yearns To Join Her And Her Mother, Ann, Who Saved Them All But Is Haunted By Her Decisions Finn Needs To Move On, But How Can She With Her Family Still In Pieces Heartrending Yet Ultimately Redemptive, In An Instant Is A Story About The Power Of Love, The Meaning Of Family, And Carrying On Even When It Seems Impossible

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    Moving, poignant, and ultimately redemptive, In an Instant is an unforgettable tale about grief, mortality, and what it means to be human I really don t want to say too much about this story, because it would be a grave sin to ruin a perfectly wonderful reading experience for those wishing to pick up the book, but

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    In an Instant.thank goodness I had tissues on hand.In an Instant, lives are changed forever Sixteen year old Finn is dead after a tragic car accident Finn keeps vigil, watching as those she loves struggle to survive and move on with their lives.Add me to the list of people who sat down and read this book in one day

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    A tight nit family along with a few friends go on their annual trip to a secluded cabin that has been passed down for generations Along the way, they swerve to miss hitting a deer This instant changes their lives forever and their camper falls below the guardrails on the side of a mountain into the snow Finn, a sixte

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    I was invited to choose from several books offered via s February First Reads and downloaded this for free Before doing so, I read my Goodreads friend Debra s raving review, which confirmed my choice On the product page for the book in it cites that readers who enjoyed the book The Lovely Bones would like this There

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    This was one of the most eerily compelling novels I have read in recent times I could not put it down for a second and stayed reading it until 5.30am in the morning when I had to give in to sleep The novel follows the story of two families who are caught up in a serious, tragic accident high in snowy mountains and the

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    Oh my goodness, my heart I received an e copy of In an Instant by Suzanne Redfearn from NetGalley for my honest review.A gripping and emotional story of the after effects that a family and their friends suffer after a deadly accident We get to learn and understand how each character reacts, how they feel and what they g

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    A family skiing trip has tragic consequences when their camper van skids on the snow and tumbles over a cliff Finn their teenage daughter is killed instantly, her father is very badly injured.This story is about the actions of the others in the group and the consequences of their actions during and after the event which

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    An incredible feat of such raw, human emotion This book gave me a lump in my throat from start to finish and even tears at several points Even hard hitting is reading the Author s Note at the end where we find this story is written based upon an experience in her youth and revisiting the forgivenesses she gave when she w

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    In an Instant by Suzanne Redfearn is a full length standalone romance novel that had me in twists and knots.In an Instant is told in a single pov, Finn, a young girl tells a gripping heart wrenching story about family, love and loss, that had me in tears than one time I literally just finished the book and I m sitting her

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    Holy cow I just cried for 4 hours Tears dropped down as I continued to read this book I wanted to take a break but I couldn t I had to keep reading I don t want to say too much because I don t want to give anything away But I loved The writing, the story, the characters First thing in my list is to see if this author wrote

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