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Infernal Devices Nearly Twenty Years After The City Of Anchorage Settled Down On The Shores Of The Dead Continent Of America, Tom And Hester Are Leading Quiet, Peaceful Lives Their Wild Adventures Happened So Long Ago That They Seem Like Little Than Stories Told To Children Children Such As Their Own Daughter, Wren, Who Is So Exquisitely Bored That She D Welcome Any Sort Of Excitement So When A Trio Of Lost Boys Asks Her To Steal The Mysterious And Deadly Tin Book Of Anchorage, Wren Is Only Too Happy To Help But The Theft Goes Wrong, And The Lost Boys Steal Wren, Too, Leaving Tom And Hester No Choice They Must Abandon Their Peaceful Life And Rescue Their Daughter Their Search Will Reunite Them With Enemies They Thought They D Left Behind Forever, Will Ask Of Them Sacrifices That No Parent Can Make, And Will Cost One Of Them Everything That Matters Most.

About the Author: Philip Reeve

Philip Reeve was born and raised in Brighton, where he worked in a bookshop for a number of years while also co writing, producing and directing a number of no budget theatre projects.Philip then began illustrating and has since provided cartoons for around forty children s books, including the best selling Horrible Histories, Murderous Maths and Dead Famous series.Railhead, published by Oxford Un

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    The first, and perhaps the biggest, shock was when I realized that the book is set 16 YEARS after the last one Tom and Hester in their thirties, have a fifteen year old daughter named Wren Anchorage has long since settled on dry land and have been content with a simple life there.

    Now, I ve said this before, but this series has a very odd and unusual style of narration, the tone, if you would It s dystopia, the first two w

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    here s the thing.The world and the plot of this series are fantasticBut the characters break my heart and not in the way you want them to.The absolute character assassination of Hester Shaw really ruins this series for me In the first book and for most of the second book you can understand Hester, she s still not particularly likeable for the people around her, but the things she says and does make sense given her life In Predator

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    This sixteen years later quel suffers from the main problem of letting your characters grow up off screen when you get back to them they are no longer the people you grew to love or hate or at least know Hester, the grumpy but lovable urchin from the previous books, has become a hardened, hateful and hate filled grown up with next to no good qualities She has also who has somehow turned into a warrior extraordinaire in the years she

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    This one. made me so freaking mad So mad, that I held off on listening to the last book until this morning Infernal Devices is about Hester and Tom s freaking kid I was so excited and pumped for this book Just to see all her adventures now. but no, I was in complete and utter disappointment First, Wren their kid sort of runs away Then when H and T go to save her from being a complete dumb ass. she gets kidnapped.Throughout the

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    Between the end of Predator s Gold and the beginning of Infernal Devices, sixteen years have passed In that time, Anchorage has become a static city, Hester and Tom have married, and their daughter has grown into a teenager A huge risk for the author to take I was emotionally invested in Hester and Tom, and wasn t ready to pass that on to their daughter, Wren Luckily, they still play a large part in the storyline.Wren did not make a goo

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    2.5 starsPhilip Reeve s Hungry City Chronicles is one of the original and imaginative young adult series out there Infernal Devices is the third book in the series and it is set 18 years after Predator s Gold.Tom and Hester are all grown up with a teenage daughter Tom is a loving husband and a doting father to Wren Hester I ll get to her later They live in the static city of Anchorage and their lives are dull and une

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    I don t know how it s possible but this series is really growing on me, and the books keep improving as the series goes on Usually I find books about the children of main characters insufferably annoying, but this one surprised me And true to the form of the past books, so did the characters I don t want to spoil anyone s read but I have to say that my favorite thing about this author and this series is that the characters often do things I

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    Este se or lo volvi a hacer Me hab a decepcionado un poco con el libro anterior, pero con Inventos infernales logr que volviera a enamorarme de la saga y su asombroso worldbuilding Personajes viejos y nuevos, ciudades nuevas, plot twists a cada rato, un libro emocionante y cargado de acci n Y, lo que tengo que destacar, es lo sorprendente de la evoluci n de Hester No quiero decir mucho sobre esto para no hacer un spoiler...

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    There are some serious character issues with HesterWorld Simply the best part of the book and the reason I am still reading this series The world is dense, it s quirky and is a thing all it s own I like how this book continues the world from Predator s Gold and we get to see of it is always a great thing, the best part.Story The story is fun, it s face paced, it s dry and quirky at the same time and heavy and broody in another same time I like

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    2 5 starsSIGH That s all I can say, really SIGHHHH So, while the first book in this series got 5 stars, the second got 3 stars, and for book three I ve decided to go with 2 stars and a DNF around 40% I m honestly not even sure I ll read the fourth book now.I hate when a series goes downhill Basically, this book takes place sixteen years after the end of book two, and follows Hester and Tom s daughter Wren instead of Hester and Tom themsel

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