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Inheritance Andy Larkham Is Late He Is Due At The Funeral Of His Favourite School Teacher, Who Once Told Him It S Hard Work Being Anyone It S Especially Hard For Andy Stuck In A Dead End Job, Terminally Short Of Cash And With A Fianc E Who Is About To Ditch Him When The Funeral Leads To Unexpected Consequences, Andy Has To Ask Himself How Far Will He Go To Change His Life From Early Twentieth Century Turkey To Modern Day London, Nicholas Shakespeare Takes Us On An Extraordinary Journey That Explores The Temptations Of Unexpected Wealth, The Secrets Of Damaged Families And The Price Of Being True To Oneself At Once A Love Story Spanning Many Decades And A Tragedy Of Betrayal And Missed Opportunities, It Is A Romance For Our Times.

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    Great book A man goes to the wrong funeral and it results in him inheriting an impossibly large amount of money This might sound unpromising as a plot development but it really works We follow two stories simultaneously the inheritor s, and his searching out of the story behind the man from whom he inherited Powerful exploration

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    I really liked this I wasn t sure at first but it was a slow burner with a compelling story Split between Australia and the UK with Armenian history thrown in it examined live, loss, loyalty and what we pass on W...

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    As a book club, we found this book to be an easy and interesting read which didn t disappoint our expectations Despite having a slow start, with a character who we didn t really care for, when the narrative reached the retelling of Makertich s life, we felt that the story really took off The two parts didn t join particularly well due to the comple

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    Andy Larkham is running late for his beloved teacher s funeral He s in a dead end job as editor of self help books he s in debt and has borrowed money to take a taxi to the Crematorium When he realizes that he is in the wrong chapel and one of only two attenders , he remains, as it s too rude, even sacrilegious to sneak out when it was almost over After the

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    The storyline is fairly simple It is about a man, Andy, who leaves his uninspired job at a self help publishing house late to attend his late teachers funeral However, he eventually realises that he is in the wrong chapel, but then does not leave.Later, he finds out that he is one of the people to inherit Christopher Madigan s estate, simply because he attended the fu

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    This book was sitting on my shelf for a long time And then one day, I just picked it up read it in 2 days This book is very much written with a cinematic vision in mind It s richly layered Most of all I enjoyed the link between London, Armenia Australia I was swept aw...

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    Originalidad de principio a fin Con giros extra amente inesperados, termina convirtiendo al destino de la historia en un drama que duele hondo, que deja cicatriz No puedes parar de leer teniendo la esperanza de que por fin llegue a cada uno de los nobles personajes, un atisbo de ...

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    1 3 1 3 Andy Andy

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    Nicholas Shakespeare can do no wrong in my eyes.This superb tale of a chance inheritance going to the most likable young scally is superbly written Shakespeare has human nature nailed down, and uses it perfectly.

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    Me ha gustado este libro en un principio me pareci lento, pero a medida que descubres al personaje secundario que da vida a la herencia el ritmo cambia La historia es un viaje en el tiempo de una persona que vivi por lo que cre a y todo lo que fue perdiendo en el camino Recomendada

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