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Inside the O'Briens Lisa Genova really knows how to set the scene of a story and draw you in44 year old Boston Police Officer Joe O Brien has been diagnosed with Huntington s Disease shocking him and his close nit family who soon discover they may also carry the fatal inherited gene With no treatment to slow the progression or hope of cure in sight, Joe s children struggle with the decision of being tested to uncover their fate.Informative and heart rending read depicting a Man, what a good read On the surface, this is simply the story of a close knit working class family that suddenly has to face the horrors of the fatal Huntington s Disease HD when Joe, a cop, learns he has the disease and he gradually becomes and incapacitated But put this simple story into the hands of a writer such as Genova, and you have a masterpiece The way she describes this family without drowning in sentimentality is an art Genova s pacing is spot on, her sentences pure, the story poignant She knows how to grab you and keep you enmeshed with this family You cry with the O Briens, you sweat out their decisions, you worry with them, you feel their pain.Oh, this disease is bad Joe accidentally punches people, slurs his words, gets into rages And it only gets worse The disease whispers, Oh, you think this is bad, well wait till you see this, as some new and terrible symptom appears The family is up against a monster, and ultimately the monster will win.One of Joe s 20 something kids, Katie, shares the spotlight as she agonizes over whether to find out if she carries the HD gene She has a 50 percent chance If she does have the gene, she will definitely get the disease.It left me wondering what I would do Find out my fate and be miserable and scared, or not find ou BOOKS Inside The O Briens Author Lisa Genova Bandcamptomp3.co.uk From Award Winning, New York Times Bestselling Author And Neuroscientist Lisa Genova Comes A Powerful New Novel That Does For Huntington S Disease What Her Debut Still Alice Did For Alzheimer S.Joe O Brien Is A Forty Four Year Old Police Officer From The Irish Catholic Neighborhood Of Charlestown, Massachusetts A Devoted Husband, Proud Father Of Four Children In Their Twenties, And Respected Officer, Joe Begins Experiencing Bouts Of Disorganized Thinking, Uncharacteristic Temper Outbursts, And Strange, Involuntary Movements He Initially Attributes These Episodes To The Stress Of His Job, But As These Symptoms Worsen, He Agrees To See A Neurologist And Is Handed A Diagnosis That Will Change His And His Family S Lives Forever Huntington S Disease.Huntington S Is A Lethal Neurodegenerative Disease With No Treatment And No Cure Each Of Joe S Four Children Has A 50 Percent Chance Of Inheriting Their Father S Disease, And A Simple Blood Test Can Reveal Their Genetic Fate While Watching Her Potential Future In Her Father S Escalating Symptoms, Twenty One Year Old Daughter Katie Struggles With The Questions This Test Imposes On Her Young Adult Life Does She Want To Know What If She S Gene Positive Can She Live With The Constant Anxiety Of Not Knowing As Joe S Symptoms Worsen And He S Eventually Stripped Of His Badge And , Joe Struggles To Maintain Hope And A Sense Of Purpose, While Katie And Her Siblings Must Find The Courage To Either Live A Life At Risk Or Learn Their Fate.Praised For Writing That Explores The Resilience Of The Human Spirit The San Francisco Chronicle , Lisa Genova Has Once Again Delivered A Novel As Powerful And Unforgettable As The Human Insights At Its Core. Pass the tissuesthis one is a tearjerker pronounced here as teeya jahkah Both tragic and triumphant, this moving story was very difficult for me to put down I was invested and engaged from the first page Once again the incomparable Lisa Genova gives a face to a rare but devastating disease and places us in the home, heart, and mind of a family left to live with a diagnosis that has leveled them at the knees and will change all of their lives forever This is a diagnosis that makes one seriously question whether uncertainty is the kinder fate and we stumble along with this family as they navigate this treacherous, unforgiving terrain I love a story that takes place at home and no doubt the references to the ballpark, the landmarks and all things Boston make it especially appealing to me There is an authenticity to this book that truly defies expla Sometimes a book educates you on matters you were unaware of but should not have been like Huntington s Disease and how it destroys a person in the most cruelest of ways Reading this was like a slap in the face, how was I so in the dark about this disease Then again I have a nephrostomy and 99% of people don t know what that is Lisa Genova did that with Inside the O Briens, not only a brilliant novel but one that brings awareness to an illness that I would guess not many would know a whole lot about It reminded me somewhat, not so much in writing style but topic in some of the books written by Jodi Picoult Joe O Brien is a forty four year old police officer from the Irish Catholic neighborhood of Charlestown, Massachusetts A devoted husband, proud father of four children in their twenties, and respected officer, Joe begins experiencing bouts of disorganized thinking, uncharacteristic temper outbursts, and strange, involuntary movements He initially attributes these episodes to the stress of his job, but as these symptoms worsen, he agrees to see a neurologist and is handed a diagnosis that will change his and his family s lives forever Huntington s Disease.As HD is a genetic neurological disorder h 3.5 Once again, Genova takes a regular family, a family that could be yours or mine, and touchingly portrays this family confronted with extraordinary events In this case the family is Irish Catholic, living in Boston, Joe is a police officer, he and his wife have four grown children They have the usual problems, not enough time, a grown son still trying to find his way, testing their patience, one son married, and two daughters both somewhat settled in their careers Life is good but hectic until Joe starts exhibiting some strange symptoms.Huntington is a horrible disease, and one that children have a 50 50 chance of inheriting This novel worked for me because this family was so likable, so easy in which to relate Having a disease, that is life taking does become your whole life, becomes an obsession There is guilt about passing this on to your children, crisis in faith, all the other emotions, really I can just imagine how devastating this would be Yet, life does go on, there are decisions to make, the present to live and this is what these characters, each in their own way must do Find their way forward, look to a future, uncertain or not That Geneva can educate while telling a story is to her credit My only small criticism is that at times I felt she was a little heavy handed with the repetition of Huntington symptoms, but this is something she feels p NetGalley ARC Because I enjoyed Still Alice so much, I had high hopes going into this book Unfortunately, I didn t love reading Inside the O Briens Half the time, I felt like I was reading a textbook on Huntington s Disease with some examples of how a family is affected thrown in for good measure Although it was good to get than just Joe s perspective, Katie was an annoying character Her ch Inside the O Briens had a great strong start, but I had trouble staying interested.The first chapter showed us that Joe, the main character, was beginning to have symptoms of Huntington s Disease, though of course he doesn t realize it at the time Then, the story jumps forward 7 years, only to keep taking us through several situations were he is having symptoms he doesn t understand or recognize The author takes this time to introduce us to the family and get to know the characters, but it seemed like this is the point where the story should have picked up, but it never did.When Joe finally receives a diagnosis, it is first by way of the doctor telling him what she thinks prior to any testing , and the situation was so far from what would happen in real life it felt jarring His wife began googling HD on their drive home, and at the following appointment two months later he is told that indeed, he I would like to thank Netgalley for providing me with an arc, in exchange for an honest review Huntington s Disease is a cruel disease Once you re gene positive, there s no way out of it The symptoms are terrible and will worsen over time I can only feel sympathy toward people who have this merciless disease As a future doctor, it only pains me to see how hopeless this disease is right now, but I have faith that one day there will be cure for this It s only a matter of time.While there are hundreds of books regarding romance with health resulting to death incorporated, I believe that this novel aims to inform It s not supposed to make you feel light hearted, but rather to inform you how serious this condition is There s a chapter in the end that provides a link wherein you can donate to help develop a cure I honestly don t think that was meant to be a gimmick, because the author seems to exude genuine concern toward this matter It can also be seen in the acknowledgments.So enough with the disease awareness, I m now going to talk about the novel itself The perfect way for I really liked Genova s book Inside the O Brians She has a way of pulling me into the heart, soul, and life of so many different diseases This story is about Huntington s Disease, and was told through the life of the O Brian family I enjoyed the Irish Catholic setting, a culture where family is highly valued Of course this made it all the tougher, as the father is diagnosed leaving all four of his children with a 50 50 chance of inheriting the disease themselves This is where the story leads us, into the lives of these four young adults wrestling with the idea of being tested Much of the story is told through the eyes of the youngest daughter Katie, the one who has struggled with decisions all her life It is mostly through her eyes that I watched in horror how quickly her fathers disease progressed.The book did a fantastic job showing what Huntington s Disease looks like A person with Huntington s can often look drunk as muscle control is lost.The social stigma which follows is heartbreaking There were some great lessons to be learned here, not only about the disease, but about how to live one s life Do we live mostly in the past, present, or future in our minds, and why A beautiful line Katie had written was Every breath is a risk Love is why we breath I fully enjoyed this novel, my only complaint, it being too long It felt repetitious at times Sometimes every change in disease progression, it s consequences,

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