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Jay McGraw's Life Strategies for Dealing with Bullies Every Day After That, Danny Does Something To Frighten Craig.Craig Is Smaller And Far Too Scared To Tell Even His Parents, Let Alone His Teachers He Is Miserable And Every Day, Danny Tries Harder To Make It Worse On The Internet, On Playgrounds, And In Schools Across The Country, Thousands Of Elementary And Middle School Kids Are Picked On, Teased, And Harassed By Bullies It S Something That Can Jeopardize A Child S Development Unless They Have The Tools To Help Stop Bullying In Its Tracks In Jay McGraw S Life Strategies For Dealing With Bullies, McGraw Helps Kids Identify Potentially Harmful Situations And Deal With Bullies Through Tips, Techniques, And Examples That Apply To Real Life Situations Jay Doesn T Just Speak About The Bullies He Also Speaks To The Bullies Themselves To Help Them Change Their Ways Jay Takes A No Nonsense Approach To Bullying And The Ways Readers Can Handle It This Timely And Much Needed Book Will Be The Tool Kids Across The Country Can Use To Stop Being Victims And Take Back The Power In Their Lives. This book discusses several ways to deal with and prevent bullying The author starts it off by differenciating between the two main kinds of bullying physical harm and cyberbullying Then he names some reasons why kids bully others they want attention, they want to think they re better than you, they don t understand that everyone is different, etc He stresses that roots of nearly all bullying is children seeing how their family members treat each other or treat them Afterwards, the bullies take out their anger and frustration on innocent kids The victim s negative emotions from being bullied can stay with them for a long time There are some ways to stop bullies, such as ignoring them, replying unexpectedly, or having a friend by your side when they pick on you In addition, the school staff can help reduce bullying and keep your parents aware that you re being picked on Finally, after the bullies stop, victims can Jay McGraw 19s 1CLife Strategies for Dealing with Bullies 1D is primarily aimed at an audience of people who are about twelve years old, although he obviously intends for their parents and teachers to read it too But adult readers will not only recall experiences of their children and students being bullied, but they will find themselves transported back to their own adolescence The book has the inescapable power to bring back anyone 19s emotion laden memories of being bullied, bullying others, or seeing others being bullied.McGraw the son of 1CDr Phil 1D McGraw of TV and pop psychology fame does a thorough enough job of covering his topic Chapters deal with defining bullying, the wide range of damage bullying does from psychological scarring to numerous cases of death, often by suicide McGraw implies that murder of bullies by their victims is also a possible outcome, but he does not mention a single famous instance, although Columbine comes to my mind He does point out that in instances of I have VERY mixed feelings about this book On the one hand, I think Jay McGraw means well and he tries to give kids some realistic, non violent ways to deal with bullying On the other hand, I question some of his thinking and I feel like a the bulk of this book is fluff.For starters, I really like the Anti Bullying Pledge for Students p 138 139 I think this can be useful, especially in classrooms I also thought the chapter summaries pages that look like pages out of a notebook could be pretty helpful and I plan to use those in some lessons And I like that Chapter 9, which is about educating parents, acknowledges that sometimes parents have some really bad ideas about how to deal with solve the problem of bullying Plus, I like the fact that he tells the reader that they are in control and that it really is largely up to them to react in ways that will limit the likelihood that they will become a victim of bullying But I have major issues with the way that I think Mr not Doctor Jay McGraw oversimplifies everything He seems totally obsessed with cyberbullying, which I think is a problem but it s nowhere near as prevalent as he makes i Jay McGraw, son of Dr Phil McGraw, gives a candid discussion about dealing with bullies He gives a definition of bullying, discusses types of bullying, why people become bullies, and the damage that can be caused by bullying He gives strategies for dealing with bullies and, perhaps most importantly, why bullies need forgiveness I particularly liked the contracts for student What I like about the book is that it gives an overview of what can be considered bullying It tells the reader that he s not alone in feeling angry or ashamed at being bullied It explains in very simple terms what is tattling and what is not.What I didn t like was the graphical horror stories This book is targeted at young readers, but I don t want to scare my daughter, I want to give her skills to deal with the problem I also cringed at the story about a former bully who found religion and now is a youth ministe I thought this book was very good because it gave the reader great tips of how to prevent bullying, or if you were the bully it would help you be kinder, and etc I think it was a great book with great strategies. Audio The book was a bit confusing since there were sections that obviously appealed to a younger middle school audience and other sections intended for parents The various anti bullying pledges reminded me of Nancy Reagen s campaign to Just Say No compeletely ineffective and create BULLIES ARE HUMAN

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Jay Phillip McGraw born September 12, 1979 in Wichita County, Texas is the son of Phil McGraw of The Dr Phil Show and Robin McGraw He has one younger brother, Jordan a musician He has written several books aimed at young people He has also appeared on The Dr Phil Show.McGraw is President and CEO of Stage 29 Productions in Los Angeles, a company he co founded with his father He has served

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