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Talking to the Dead Dunn Tihe Tunnelmainen Trilleri Alkaa, Kun Nuori Lontoolaistaiteilija Nina Matkustaa Sisarensa Isabelin Luo Englannin Idylliselle Maaseudulle Isabel On Vuoteenomana Toipumassa Esikoisensa Synnytyksest , Joka Ei Ole Sujunut Hyvin Helteen Painostamassa Talossa Ja Puutarhassa Liikuskelevat My S Lapsen Is Richard, Isabelin Yst V Edward Sek Vauvaa Hoitava Susan.Pian Asetelmasta Kehittyy Hitchcockmaisen Hiostava J Nnitysdraama Poikavauvan L Sn Olo Nostaa Pintaan Torjutut Muistot Onnettomuudesta, Joka Tapahtui Sisarusten Pikkuveljelle Mutta Oliko Se Itse Asiassa Onnettomuus Ja Kenen Muistot Ovat Oikeita, Kenen Kuviteltuja Vanhat Kauhut Uhkaavat Toistua, Kun Ilmapiiri S Hk Istyy Siet M Tt M Ksi Ukkosmyrskyn L Hestyess Merelt

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    Helen Dun has long been one of my favourite authors and, with the sad news of her death this year 2017 I wanted to go back to the first of her novels which I read Published in 1996, this is the fourth of her novels, but the first which I came across and which introduced me

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    Two sisters with a secret.I was hooked from the start.Very compelling story of love and how people remember things differently.What really happened to Colin Set in a heatwave.Nina comes to look after her older sister Isabel after the birth of her first child.Things aren t qu

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    Unfortunately this book was not as suspenseful and drama filled as the synopsis would have one believe It was actually kind of flat There were some interesting things happening in the story but Dun failed to make me really care It was all rather boring.The story is told throu

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    This is a terrible book about terrible people who do terrible, nonsensical, and incredible and I mean really not credible things to themselves, each other and other people Yet it s all so beautifully described You just want to go on reading it no matter what, just so you can s

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    Isabel and Nina are sisters When Nina was young, Isabel looked after her devotedly Now Isabel needs help and Nina tries to provide it Complicating the sisters relationship are Richard, Isabel s husband, Edward, Isabel s gay friend, and Colin, Isabel and Nina s brother, who died

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    Prachtig en vlot lezend boek dat je bij de hand neemt en niet meer los laat tot aan de laatste pagina.Het boek vertelt over de relatie tussen twee zussen, hun kindertijd, hun geheimen, hun verre herinneringen en het ultieme offer.De beschrijvingen in dit boek zijn zeer beeldend

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    I read this book in a fascinating, one stretch read drawn into its spell by a web of mesmeric images Dun excels at uncovering the dark side in relationships among family members The haunting word pictures she paints of the human mindscape mark her out to be a writer of no mean ab

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    Helen Dun is a prolific and award winning author, yet this is only the fourth of her novels I have read I now think I really must make an effort to read the rest This 1996 novel is an impressive family drama with a fascinating psychological slant Dun s excellent writing, with its

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    Sibling RivalryIsabel has just had her first baby, after a difficult delivery Nina, a freelance photographer, comes to spend time with her sister at her house in England s South Downs, but almost immediately begins an intense sexual affair with Isabel s husband It is Nina who tells

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    I don t often mistakenly re read a book But it seems that I have done so with two Helen Dun books I can t understand why, as both were excellent and very memorable But, as with A spell of Winter, I realized about a third of the way through that I had read it before However, I couldn

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