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Kholodov's Last Mistress An Innocent In Moscow When Sergei Kholodov Rescued American Tourist Hannah Pearl, Her Wide Eyed Approach To The World Shocked The Man Whose Life Had Left Him Bitterly Cynical Hating How Powerfully She Affected Him, Sergei Made A Cold Hearted Decision To Obliterate His Dark EmotionsHe Would Lose Himself In Sinful Pleasure Before Pushing Her Away And Destroying Her Dreams One Year Later, Sergei Returns Hannah Has Been Seared On His Memory Perhaps One Night Will Allow Him To Forget Her Once And For All Or Will He Realise Her Innocence Is A Pearl Beyond Price And That He Ll Never Have Enough

About the Author: Kate Hewitt

Kate is the USA Today bsetselling author of many books of women s fiction Her latest releases are A Vicarage Homecoming and Not My Daughter Under the name Katharine Swartz, she is the author of the Tales from Goswell books, a series of time slip novels set in the village of Goswell She likes to read women s fiction, mystery and thrillers, as well as historical novels She particularly enjoys re

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    Kholodov s Last Mistress started with a trope I love, wealthy damaged uber alpha hero sees innocent optimstic heroine falls hard for her but fights it Unfortunatey this book takes a turn for the worse as the heroine changes during a year long seperation The heroine decides to throw away her virginity during the seperation on a man who doesn t deserve it as he doesn t even give her great sex As a result

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    The hero Sergei and the heroine Hannah meet when Sergei helps Hannah after she is pick pocketed while sightseeing in Red Square Hannah is left stranded after realising her passport is missing, and despite his misgivings Sergei can t help but feel bad for the seemingly innocent Hannah so he decides to helps her Sergei also realises he can t get her out of his head and, desperate for a respite from the stress in

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    I just couldn t connect with the characters The hero was a bit of OTT and the heroine..just a tad stupid for me.The storyline was pretty depressing.Not my favourite by this author.

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    Sergei Kholodov was a huge asshole I hated the way he acted, what he said to Hannah and the way he treated her just like one of his expensive whores.Screw his money, the expensive dresses and the jewelry That just felt wrong.And I hated the fact Hannah caved in so easily and accepted his behavior II was expecting lots of anger form her part and groveling from his, but I didn t get any of that.Where is the love story here

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    Con Kate Hewitt fuimos a topar

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    It seems that KH specialised in portraying tortured hero This story is about a very damaged tortured hero, with scars all over his body, and an optimistic heroine who sees the food in everyone Quite a combination seirgi had a very painful abusive childhood he doesnt know how to open up get close to Hannah she tries hard to break thru the walls he erected around his heart thaw his frozen emotions they both struggle to make their relationship w

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    This book depressed me Even at the end I wasn t feeling happy or hopeful for the couple Weirdest reaction I ve ever had after reading a Harlequin Romance.

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    I found this novel a little too boring for my tastes.

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    I remember reading this back in 2011 and I loved it so much Up until now the story still lingers in my mind This is a definitely a book I ll recommend to read.

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    Flawless That s the most honest thing I can say about this book It is so very hard to find an HP story that stays true until the end usually they can have great incipit, but in the end can leave you hollow, or they become very boring during the development of the plot This one has a different quality, and the writing is superb Hannah can be na ve in the beginning, but she is smart and compassionate she doesn t react as the average h reacts when H tries to push her away, run

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