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Kingdom of Lies KINGDOM OF LIES, by Kate Fazzini, jumps deep into the world of cybersecurity Fazzini follows characters not just on the lawful side and the unlawful side, but many who allegiance to right and or wrong is irrelevant people who are most concerned with what project stimulates them and pays them enough to life the life they want which is often far from extravagant Many people whose careers circle around cybercrime are not clearly defined on the good side or the bad side and Fazzini writes this book with that in mind The design of the book not only constantly bounces between solving cybercrime and committing cybercrime, but Fazzini at times even turns the table and has the reader pulling for the criminals and condemning the victims, as if they deserve it Fazzini keeps allegiances spins around to keep the book entertaining, but also to mirror how people in the cybersecurity cybercrime business feel everyday Fazzini introduces several different groups of people and slowly brings all of there stories together into a climax and resolution that is both complete and satisfying Fazzini even makes the cybercrime world seem sexy and inviting making this reader look into taking a cybersecurity class in the future Entertaining and immensely educational, KINGDOM OF LIES is an eye opener to the industry that is constantly growin The author of this book is my husband s niece, Kate Fazzini Kingdom of Lies opened up the world of hackers, both good and bad, for me It shows how multi leveled they are and working independently Don t forget to read The Author s Note in the end. Kingdom Of Lies Is A Brilliant And Bold Debut, As Full Of Suspense As The Best Crime Thrillers Linda Fairstein, New York Times Bestselling Author Of Blood Oath In The Tradition Of Michael Lewis And Tom Wolfe, A Fascinating And Frightening Behind The Scenes Look At The Interconnected Cultures Of Hackers, Security Specialists, And Law EnforcementA 19 Year Old Romanian Student Stumbles Into A Criminal Ransomware Ring In Her Village Soon She Is Extorting Silicon Valley Billionaires For Millions Without Knowing The First Thing About Computers.A Veteran Cybersecurity Specialist Has Built A Deep Network Of Top Notch Hackers In One Of The World S Largest Banks But Then The Bank Brings In A Cadre Of Ex Military Personnel To Help A Cynical Russian Only Leaves His Tiny New Jersey Apartment To Hack Sports Cars At A High Performance Shop In Newark But He Opens His Door To A Consultant Who Needs His Help.A Hotel Doorman In China Once Served In The People S Army, Stealing Intellectual Property From American Companies Now He Uses His Skills To Build Up A Private Side Business Selling The Data He Takes From Travelers To Shanghai S Commercial Center Kingdom Of Lies Follows The Intertwined Stories Of Cybercriminals And Ethical Hackers As They Jump From Criminal Trend To Criminal Trend, Crisis To Crisis A Cybersecurity Professional Turned Journalist, Kate Fazzini Illuminates The Many Lies Companies And Governments Tell Us About Our Security, The Lies Criminals Tell To Get Ahead, And The Lies Security Leaders Tell To Make Us Think They Are Better At Their Jobs Than They Are.Like Traffic Set In The Cybercrime World,Kingdom Of Lies Is As Entertaining As It Is Eye Opening. Kate Fazzini takes the reader into the shadowy world of white hat and black hat hackers as she looks at the people who work at bank and those who try to hack the banks and precipitates other cyber frauds The names, locations and companies are changed to protect those who give information which always leads to a little inflation of the story as the author acknowledges The people she covers are Book Review Kingdom of Lies Unnerving Adventures In the World of CybercrimeAuthor Kate FazziniPublisher St Martin s PressPublication Date June 11, 2019Review Date May 27, 2019I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.From the blurb In the tradition of Michael Lewis and Tom Wolfe, a fascinating and frightening behind the scenes look at the interconnected cultures of hackers, security specialists, and law enforcement This is a fantastic nonfiction book about the world of cybercrime Oh my Lord, so much I didn t know It is a terrifying world we live in, this shadowy world of cybercrime that ticks along, day and night, all around us, whether we are aware of it or not I was utterly fascinated by this book, and very impressed with the author s way of making a dark, complex world easier to understand She weaves in and out of various cyber criminals and crime fighters worlds, in a way that kept my attention, and that also lightened up what could have been a very dense read This is not a dull explication of the world of cybercrime By weaving the stories back and forth of various criminals and crime fighters, she made the story interesting and accessible I give this book 5 stars Highly, highly recommended I intend to look for other writing by the author T I think my expectations were raised a little by the blurb likening Fazzini to the Michael Lewis of cybercrime , and the story never really flows or seems as well drawn as Mr Lewis is capable of But that s obviously a really unfair bar to compare against For such a difficult subject m Cybercrime is something that sounds foreign, and yet it affects us every day When you have to go get your credit card to type in the security code from the back, when you have to enter your zip code at the gas pump, or when you have to remember any of your seventy thousand increasingly bizarre passwords, you are attempting to thwart cybercrime Every time you chuckle over a spam email, roll your eyes over a phishing email, or scream in frustration when your third attempt to log in to your Target account results in being locked out, do you ever wonder how we got here And who is behind it Kate Fazzini used to work in the world of anti cybercrime for a major bank Now she is a reporter in the field, and so she is perfectly poised to take you through the terrifying new world of cybercrime We re introduced to a few individual players as examples of the larger crime scene, including a young Romanian woman who starts off in customer service of a crime ring yes, they have customer service reps and soon rises to the number two position thanks to her deft hand in expanding their randsomware reach Along with a Russian man in New Jersey, a Chinese man, and a couple of others, Ms Fazzin Former cybersecurity executive and journalist Kate Fazzini is sharing in the Kingdom of Lies everyday stories from the dark world of cybercrime The complexity of human beings and the ambiguity of human nature offer both a simple explanation for the latest dramatic development in the field of e crimes Random people from the remotest areas of the world from Romania to Siberia, Hong Kong and USA are entering this world with the boldness and organisation of a business person There is a plan and a financial target as well as a serious lack of ethics Writing with the simplicity of the journalistic reporting and using a relatively simple vocabulary, Fazzini introduces this world to the reader in the most natural way The perpetrators of such crimes could be anyone, you can be anytime the victim The moment you are signing in for opening an email account, you are becoming part of a vast network that at the same time includes the legal and illicit trade The author s experience is an important asset in introducing this world to the reader, from the intri This book is an interesting read from the perspective that I learned a few things, but it is of an overview of the subject and does not get down into the detailed aspects of cybercrime that I was expecting from the description That said, I found this book a quick and enjoyable read Some of the things I learned were that hackers not consider or refer to themselves as hackers different countries use different methods to obtain information some black hats eventually become white hats you don t necessarily need to be a code nerd to be successful in the business and there are a wide variety of reasons why groups and countries do it.Overall, this book is for someone who is not necessarily looking f Kingdom of Lies is an unfinished proposal of a book Kate Fazzini has fashioned her digging into the world of hacking into a story that is at once fascinating and rich, and also disjointed and pointless.Fazzini has molded numerous stereotypes into real characters, leading real lives and suffering real frustrations and setbacks They may even be real people readers don t know She draws her characters really well, so that readers are right there with them She keeps adding new characters as she goes, right up to the end It becomes difficult to keep track of them all, and guessing how they fit into the overall scheme of things turns out to be a futile task Because suddenly and without warning, the book ends There is no scheme of things No conflicts get resolved The good guys don t catch up to the bad guys, or even give chase No one suffers any kind of direct penalty because of their hacking actions The stories don t ever merge or even connect Anything or anyone There are single, isolated characters who don t connect to anyone at all They just pop up from times to time Perhaps the message is that hacking is a disjointed, decentralized enterprise, for both the white hats and the black hats But we knew that.The two longest, deepest stories run separately and never cross One is the cybersecurity unit of an international bank It is plagued not merely by hackers, but by intern

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