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Kings of Ash Kings of Ash is a searing second installment from Richard Nell continuing the epic grimdark piece begun in Kings of Paradise Haunting and complex, with graphic and violent events, Kings of Ash burns itself into the reader s mind Emotional, heartbreaking, and bloody This book is Ruka s nearly in its entirety It is the missing narrative that tells Ruka s tale in the time between his first discovering the northern islands, when prince Kale Alaku was but an infant, and the time of his return while Kale is months away from his home, sent to Nanzu in the north by his father king Farahi The time lines are converging, the players in this epic fantasy are drawing closer together and the clash, filled with arcane power, is inevitable.There is no way to describe the plot without spoilers for book one, so this is about the characters than the story arc Kings of Ash is a straight on continuation of events in Kings of Paradise and so much This is a character based story, the thoughts, feelings, actions, and abilities of the cast form the intricate and widespread world bu You re all slaves But I will free you I will drag you from this place kicking and screaming if I must. Sequels are hard As a reader, I want to know what happens next but when I m about to pick up a sequel to a book that devastated and enthralled me impatience and hunger mix with anxiety What if the story I loved loses a sense of direction or disappoints It s happened than once After I finished Kings of Paradise, I wasn t sure how and if Richard Nell could top himself I mean, where do you go from there To the inevitable clash of titans Or maybe you twist things and prove readers wrong Nell did both He delivers a heart wrenching and devastating story with real, believable characters you care for despite their monstrosity He doesn t give much humor, save situational one Instead, he gives strong intrigue, tragedy, and a terrifying insight into the inner workings of the greatest mind of a generation Kings of Ash focuses on Ruka It tells his story, unravels his past, and shows what drives him, and how he s been made It s not a story for the faint hearted as it contains graph Release Date January 17, 2019 The Much Anticipated Continuation Of The Ash And Sand Trilogy Follow The Long, Bloody Journey Of Ruka, Son Of Beyla Through The Islands Of Pyu And The Frozen Wastes Of The Ascom See The Return Home Of Ratama Kale Alaku, The Sorcerer Prince , And The Terrifying Rise Of His Miracles Before The End, A Shocking History Will Unravel, Ancient Connections Unfold, And All Will Learn The Cost Of Unleashing The Kings Of Ash We all should be familiar with the old saying, time heals all wounds Speaking from personal experience, that s not always true Physical wounds leave scars, and emotional wounds linger in the mind And although some details might fade over time, the pain doesn t ever really disappear you just learn to manage it But what if your memory was flawless What if, decades later, you can still remember what the wind smelled like when you held your dying mother in your arms Or if you recall the exact pitch and tone of every innocent scream that was silenced by your blade If every mistake, every decision, and every moment of your life were preserved in perfect state, forever accessible is it ever possible to heal from your wounds This is what Ruka faces every waking moment His gift of eidetic memory is both a blessing and a curse Yet his preternatural abilities don t end there his mind is so expansive and far reaching that there is an evolving society with its own rules of science and nature that exists solely in his thoughts His body is occupied by two personalities Ruka the thinker and planner, and Bukayag the barbaric cannibal, renegade leader, and ruthless killer A constant battle is waged inside Ruka s mind there are times he can control h I ll try to write a coherent review who am I kidding when I find some time Or maybe I ll just write about Ruka, who is one the most fascinating characters I ve ever had a pleasure to read about But for now, I ll just leave a short message for Richard Also, thank you for the nod in th Ruka may be my favorite character That s a bold statement because I didn t specify that he was my favorite character in this book, in fantasy, or even in books That was intentional The growth he experiences throughout this book is phenomenal I m not going to say much about the plot But, damn, the twists I ll leave a thorough review when I have a chance but this is getting a 5 and will probably be on my favorite books of the year list I thought Kings of Paradise was a brilliant book but I didn t love it, it was just a little too dark for my taste and my movie in my mind The book felt like it was in black and white with the tundra and grim nature The setting of this book changed that black and white feel and the writing brilliance was still there This book is just epic and the ending was so unsatisfying in the best way possible haha I want the next book right away Ruka just might be one of my favorite characters in any book I ve read in years Jaelen from TRQW by Mark Lawrence is the only one that comes to mind immediately, he s such a fun and likeable character Ruka is a monster in many ways but he s also earnest and truly trying to help his people even though they would have left him to the elements when he was a baby and shunned him when he was older His magic system in his Sacred Grove in his mind is just plain amazing I d put it on par with almost any other magic system I ve read for This sequel to Kings of Paradise picks the story up where it left off, and we re shown progression leading up to a tragic and inevitable war An attack filled with political risk jeopardizes the fate of the cultures on both sides Three compelling leaders, each empowered in ways they don t themselves understand, are set on a collision course that terrifies fate itselfI am not a man, Prince of Paradise I am a thousand years of children buried nameless in rotten earth I am the rage of their helpless mothers, weeping beneath an empty sky I am the bitter fruit of frozen tears Much of this book shows events from years past, to give the reader an exclusive sort of insight into the lives of Ruka, Farahi, and Kale Fans of the first book will appreciate the deft storytelling and calculated ease at which the stakes are revealed All along we re haunted by the mantra It matters why And why indeed Ruka fights for his people, for a future filled with warmth, peace, and bounty, for something beyond mere survival Farahi s goals are much the same, a unified island chain surrounded by safe seas, a future in which his family line is secure And Kale, who has risen to every challenge, driven by his love for others, continues to ascend in the face of turmoil The author expertly weaves through the years and drama of their lives, building to a cinematic final battle that tore me open and left me in tears If you re looking for epic high fantasy that s vivid and grand, One day he would grieve, and accept the price for all the lives snuffed for the great cause of the future, and suffer whatever came But not todayI noticed something early on while reading Kings of Ash A lot of my assumptions after finishing Kings of Paradise were completely wrong My assumption of where the story was headed in book 2, my assumption of Ruka s character, and my assumption of the time line I m sure if I were to go back and read book 1 I may be able to pick up on these things, but probably not I have to give Richard Nell props for the unconventional layout of this series so far I love being surprised when I m reading a highly engaging story, and he managed to surprise me several times in this one Some of these revelations are not just in the dialogue itself, but like lightbulb moments when you notice the author just revealed something you didn t even know was in question I m catching on to your little tricks Richard Nell, but I do hope you trick me again in Kings of Heaven The heart of this tale belongs to Ruka Outcast, shaman, warrior, genius, and many titles that I could list belong to this man Ruka s character development in this book was simply amazing I thought he was an interesting character before starting this book, but I had only scratched the surface of this complex in We have lift off Can t wait for you all to get reading For those who haven t started the series, I m running an ebook audiobook give away for Kings of Paradise on Reddit here for anyone so inclined Give

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