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Kiss Number 8 This is a really hard story to read in places Many of the characters are blatantly transphobic and homophobic, but that doesn t mean that this work is Kiss Number 8 is an important coming out story in 2019 These days, we get stories where everything is Dramatic and Bad OR where everyone important to the character just accepts their new identity immediately There s definitely a place for both of these kinds of stories, but I think Kiss Number 8 exists in a really import I found myself totally engaged with this family drama despite its fairly slow pace and a possibly triggering amount of view spoiler transphobia and homophobia hide spoiler Download Kiss Number 8 Colleen A.F Venable Brazilianportuguesetranslator.us Amanda Can T Figure Out What S So Exciting About Kissing It S Just A Lot Of Teeth Clanking, Germ Swapping, Closing Of Eyes So You Can T See That Godzilla Sized Zit Just Inches From Your Own Hormonal Monstrosity All Of Her Seven Kisses Had Been Horrible In Different Ways, But Nothing Compared To The Awfulness That Followed Kiss Number Eight An Exploration Of Sexuality, Family, And Faith, Kiss Number Eight Is A Coming Of Age Tale Filled With Humor And Hope. This is not a light, fun kissing book It s a story about family secrets I didn t like how coy it was about the religious roots of the characters bigotry And it was odd how dated the first half of the book felt compared to the progressiveness of the ending There was a strange disconnect there. I received an ARC of this book from netgalley and the publisher This does not affect my review DNF at page 166TW transphobia I m genuinely baffled why this has such good reviews that call it light hearted I was annoyed basically from the start Mads is incredibly disrespectful toward her parents, ESPECIALLY her mom, who she repeatedly calls a bitch AND doesn t tell her friend to NOT talk about her mom I get not liking your mom, but there s a line, okay You don t let your friends call your mom a bitch You just don t That wasn t the worst offense though There are some seriously transphobic comments made by the MC s dad Like, i think it could be really harmful to trans teens, and children of trans parents Because I quit, I don t know if he came around but after Mads best friend outted the trans character I was done I think if this book wasn t marketed as like a cute coming of age queer graphic novel, I would maybe have been less fru This is my first graphic novel comic book style of writing that was in an actual chapter book length that I ve ever read I was hesitant at first because I generally steer clear of this type of writing The only reason I gave it a chance was because of the topic I still don t think I will ever be into this type of book, and definitely don t see myself searching out other similar books However, I was pleasantly surprised about how well the comic book themed writing still read like a normal novel I was able to follow it easily and I was able to remember everything without a problem I had a few issues with the story itself though I didn t like how the author didn t spend much time or energy on background for Sam and I felt like the book was a bit all over the place as far as the point of the book went They didn t really touch on being lesbian I had to really ponder this review bc I had such high hopes that I had to grapple with the difference between what I wanted it to be and what it actually is.As a school librarian, here s what disappointed me and made me decide not to add it to my collection the setting of the book in 2004 was only put out there in the very first panel and it could be so easily overlooked Without that being solid for the reader, so much of it including LGBTQIA language and tech like AIM and old phones was just weird At the almost end it seemed much like a modern story too but we had only passed a few months the unchecked homophobia, transphobia and racism made me so uncomfortable and although I understand that the story arc led to redemption it was too little too late for vulnerable teens If it were an adult memoir I could understand, but in fiction for teens not cool The checking can be done via expressions on faces even but in this case it wasn t I get the intention of the slurs as showing what it was like for queer teens in 2004 but don t appreciate the execution Mads sexuality was never really out there for readers until it was expressed blatantly by Jess Her longing for Cat wasn t all that evident and the story gave no reason for why she d even want Cat since she was such a horrible friend Undevelope Want to see bookish things from me Check out my youtube channel Thank you to First Second and Raincoast books for sending me a copy of this in exchange for my honest review 4.5 5 Stars Amanda s best friend Cat is surrounded by drama and loves kissing boys Trying to fit in, Amanda has had 7 kisses in her 16 years of life which have beenunremarkable at best But nothing compares to how awful Kiss number 8 was and what follows afterwards Not to mention that her family seems to be hiding a big secret from her Now, with a secret of her own, Amanda tries to navigate between falling for her best friend and trying to figure out what her parents are hiding I loved this so much I loved Amanda, she was such a great character who dealt with so much in such a short period of time I think the themes and topics explored were so well done and thought out I loved watching her figure out who she was and come to terms with what that meant for her, her family and those around her I also loved how the family secret was dealt with and explored as well The character development of ALL the characters, not just Amanda was so nice to see I also love how the ending isn t completely neat and perfect Not everything works out, but that s how life is I also cried at the ending, so there is that I really loved the artwork in this My one complaint is that there was no colour at all I think it would have been nice to use the blues from the cover with lit Trigger Warning Homophobia, Transphobia, the f wordMads parents are strained, and what s worse, she thinks her dad is cheating on her mother with another woman And her dad won t tell her anything about it But Mads keeps her thoughts away hanging out with her best friend Cat, and kissing boys Even if the kissing isgross Where s the appeal Then everything starts to unravel.And everything starts to make sense.Forgive me while I mop up the massive tears rolling down my face, k This was an emotional roller coaster I was not expecting I was thinking, mmm, okay, maybe 2 3 stars, nothing special, and then the second act hit and cue the mother fucking waterworks.But I want to start with one thing first Cat is a colossal asshole and 100% complete hypocrite.After that, well, there s not much I can say without spoilers, but there s a lot of figuring out who you are, and realizing that you re not alone And that sexuality is a weird and wonderful thing, and that being trans doesn t mean that you re diseased And that maybe what you remembered It took me some time, but I got into this book I love how they are telling the story through who she is kissing Kiss number 8 is a game changer for our protagonist Mads She never finds a reason to stay with boys, but she realizes that her best friend might be than Mads thought Her friend is Cat, a wild and boy crazy girl Kiss 8 was not with Cat, but it was a girl and she finds out that it feels right This is what she has been looking for, or so she thought.There is a lot of high drama with relationships an friendships and all the high school drama at play Mads does go to a Catholic high school, very tiny and once she kisses the girl, her school is horrible She is the center of gossip and no one will talk with her She is completely alone Sad.There is also drama within the family There is a mystery surrounding her grandfather Tha

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