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Law and Addiction One Week Before Jake Rutledge Is Scheduled To Graduate From Law School, He Receives The Devastating News Of The Death Of His Fraternal Twin, Blake What Makes This Death Even Terrible For Jake Is That His Brother Died Of A Drug Overdose Until Hearing Of His Death, Jake Had No Idea His Brother Was Even Using DrugsWhen Jake Returns Home To Oakley, West Virginia, He Takes A Hard Look At The Circumstances Of His Brother S Death In The Five Years Jake Has Been Away For His Schooling, His Hometown Has Drastically Changed Because Of The Opioid Epidemic, And The Blight It Has Brought, Many Now Call Oakley Zombieland Jake Can See How His Town S Demise Parallels His Brother SUndeterred, The Newly Minted Lawyer Takes On The Entrenched Powers By Filing Two Lawsuits Jake Quickly Learns What Happens When You Upset A Hornet S Nest The Young Attorney Might Be Wet Behind The Ears, But Is Sure There Is No Lawyer That Could Help Him Than Nick Deke Deketomis And His Law Firm Of Bergman Deketomis Deke Is A Legendary Lawyer When He Was Jake S Age He Was Making His Name Fighting Big Tobacco Against All Odds, Jake Gets Nick And His Firm To Sign On To His Case Before It S Too Late

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    Law and Addiction by Mike Papantonio is a unique read that dives into the corruption of the opioid epidemic.Through the eyes of an attorney, we see the world falling apart due to the extreme de

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    Mike Papantonion has done an excellent job in showing how greed and corruption can be carried to such an extreme that bodies are falling by the thousands and towns are dying because of it Truly horrifyin

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    Opioid addiction has become a national crisis More cases of overdose fill the news on a weekly basis Police regularly carry and administer Narcan for overdosing addicts Meanwhile, as Mike Papantonio has so careful

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    Linda s Book Obsession Reviews Law and Addiction by Mike Papantoino, Waterside Productions, April 2019.WOW WOW Kudos to Mike Papantonio, Author of Law and Addiction A Legal Thriller for writing such a captivating, intriguin

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    I have to say the publishers blurb really says it all so that makes it a bit difficult to review.However, here goes Jake is a lawyer who s brother was addicted to opioid medication and dies as a result Jake decides to sue two pharma

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    Thanks to the publisher and TLC Book Tours for the free copy in exchange for my honest reviewThis was my introduction to Papantonio and I had heard nothing but great things before picking up LAW AND ADDICTION I m going to start out by saying t

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    Sometimes I get to a point where I feel bogged down in a certain genre and need a change That is when a Suspense Mystery Thriller is always my go to I feel like they make me think and help get my mind off of thingsthan any other genre.What would you do

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    Law and Addiction will not only satisfy readers who devour thrillers but also stand as a testament to how to challenge and rollback the opioid epidemic still facing the nation Read full review here Law and Addiction will not only satisfy readers who devour thrill

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    I was interested in reading Law and Addiction because I work in a town that has been hit hard by the opioid epidemic Every week I read the local paper purely for the police blotter In between the entertaining tales of some really stupid criminals there is report after repo

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    Law and Addiction was an incredibly powerful, thought provoking novel I was pulled right in from Chapter One and could not put it down I felt a range of emotions throughout the novel, anger, compassion, hurt but definitely a lot of anger.The story begins with the death of Blake, Jak

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