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Letters to Molly (Maysen Jar, #2) Molly And Finn Alcott Had The Picture Perfect Marriage With Two Gorgeous Children, A Lovely Home And Their Own Business, They Were The Couple Others Aspired To Be But When News Of Their Divorce Spreads Through Town Like Wildfire, It Sends Their Beautiful Image Up In Flames.Molly Spends Years Mending Her Broken Heart She Finds Joy In A Life Centered Around Her Kids And Career Her Happiness Has A Different Picture Now.Then One Day, She Finds A Letter In Her Mailbox Written In Finn S Handwriting, Dated Over Fifteen Years Ago, It S A Letter He Wrote Molly After Their First Date.Week After Week, Finn S Letters Appear Each Marks A Date In Their History Each Holds The Confession Of The Man Who Still Owns Molly S Heart Each Heals A Wound From Their Past.It S Just Too Bad Finn Isn T The One Sending Them. 4.5 StarsWhen I met Finn and Molly in The Birthday List I was than enad with them The fact that Molly seemed to be the catalyst for the explosion of their marriage intrigued me I was so curious as to what exactly transpired between this couple, and I found myself already invested in their HEA, even though I had no idea that they would be getting a book So, when the announcement came that Letters to Molly, a companion novel to TBL, was coming, I was beyond happy Finn and Molly are special characters and their love story is layered by so many things At first, it s all heartbreak, the emotional upheaval and grittiness these characters have to wade thorough is tough You almost think there s no way they can get through it The damage inflicted by one thoughtless, reckless moment is too much Too painful Too overwhelming But then, in the same breath, you see the glimmers of hopefulness and healing, you begin to sense the sweet and tender and heartfelt feels simmering under the surface, and you just know that this couple can make it Letters to Molly is a very realistic 4.5 starsMy love for Finn wasn t going to stop I could tell myself and others I wasn t in love with Finn It was all lies I d buried that love deep, shoving it down whenever it threatened to appear, but it was still there It had always been thereLetters to Molly is the second book in Devney Perry s Maysen Jar series I was equal parts nervous and excited to read this This book is about a divorced couple and I was anxious to see how it would work out and how it would make me feel I shouldn t have been, I ended up loving it even than the first Molly and Finn meet through Finn s sister and Molly s BFF Poppy They hit it off right away and end up dating and falling in love That leads to marriage, two kids, and a pretty great life Their marriage isn t perfect, no ones is, but when Poppy s husband is killed things start to fall apart Even though Molly did something some would consider the deal breaker for the marriage, I honestly felt like it was equally both of them No matter who was at fault, they ve been divorced for years and it s obvious after all those years, they re both still very much in love with one another Molly never thinks much of it She s not moved on, she ll always love Finn but she knows she ll never have him again Then, one day, a letter shows up in her mailbox One written by Finn to her many years ago Finn wrote the letter, but he wasn t the one who sent it to her Both Finn and Molly try to figure ou LETTERS TO MOLLY Is the second full length romance novel in Devney Perry s Maysen Jar series In this we meet Molly and Finn Spoken in Dual POV s.We re first introduced to this couple Molly Finn when Poppy, Molly s best friend who we met in the first book gets all her favourite people all in one place for dinner before Finn gets too busy with his last two semesters of school And it was the perfect time for Finn to meet her new boyfriend Jamie From that first meet with Molly things moved relatively quickly to falling in love and finding themselves living the American dream From marrying, buying their own home, to setting up their own business, to having two children Kali Max But along the way their American dream collapsed around them and they found themselves divorced, walls of communication had come tumbling down, both at fault, both hurt beyond repair, until there was nothing left to salvage and they are left to co parentSome mistakes were unforgivable Some mistakes ame with regret that lived like a monster in your soulNOW 4.5 STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author My eyes fell shut, my breath stolen by the sensation of him filling the voids I d ignored for so, so long Here, in this place, everything made sense Nothing was careless Here, together, it was like going backward in time We traveled to the days when those letters were being penned To when happiness radiated around us LETTERS TO MOLLY is the bittersweet and angsty second chance romance between Molly and Finn Alcott, who you may remember fromTHE BIRTHDAY LISTThey re Poppy s big brother and best friend sister in law, whose marital woes were just beginning as Poppy was finding new love We are reunited with the couple who have been divorced for about six years Molly and Finn have found a way to get past the animosity for the sake of their two children who they share custody of It s been six years since they ended their marriage Irreparable damage has been inflicted but yet neither has been able to move on to new love Everyone else can see the longing looks they cast each other s way but these two are too stubborn to let go of the past.After a night of movies wi

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