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Life and Death in One Breath PDF Life And Death In One Breath Sadhguru Eiyo.us Death Is A Cosmic Joke If You Get The Joke, When You Fall On The Other Side, It Will Be Wonderful If You Don T Get The Joke, When You Are Here You Fear The Other Side, And When The Other Side Comes, You Just Don T Know What It Is About If Death Becomes A Laughing Matter In Your Life, Life Becomes An Utterly Effortless Process There Is No Need To Restrain Yourself In The Process Of Life You Can Live Your Life Absolutely, Totally SadhguruFor Ages, Most Of Humanity Has Placed Life And Death At Two Ends Of The Existential Spectrum Favoring One, Fearing The Other And Continuously Floundering Between The Two Only When Someone Who Has Consciously Traversed Between Both Life And Death Offers To Articulate Some Aspects Of It, Does Humanity Get A Glimpse Of What Lies Beyond The Horizon Of Its Normal Perception In This Book, With His Extraordinary Insights, Coming From A Profound Inner Experience, Sadhguru Reveals That Life And Death Are, In Fact, Two Sides Of The Same Coin It Is Only By Embracing Both That We Can Break The Shackles Of Our Self Made Struggles And Be Set Free.

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    Such erudite thoughts lucidly narrated It is indeed life and death in one breath by Sadhguru What Sadhguru says makes a lot of sense even to the uninitiated like me Thoughts worth pondering.

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    Review Life And Death In One Breath By Sadhguru Catch Every Moment As An Experience In LifeBook related to Religion and Philosophy usually do not have a plot, story, suspense, thrill etc but such books make you talk to yourself, have a deep insight, perform an introspection and by the end yo

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    It s a breathtaking read another must read book for a seeker A great deal of detail given about life, death and afterlife, it makes you think if you are doing the right thing to prepare yourself for death As he has said in the book, I don t want to believe him completely as I haven t experienced death

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    Reading and knowing about spirituality and spiritual world is an adventure in itself For people who believe in spiritualism, knowing about it in deep is their only goal I am definitely one of them and that s the reason the most books that I have in my book shelf currently belongs to the same genre And the one a

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    inspired from a lot of verses from gita. but from the big picture, its a very well framed book with explanations of lot of interesting idioms of the indian society But somehow it feels like he has made to be as clear as a diamond, that is it is only upto the reader s to grasp out the content making some phrases ambiguous

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    Amazing read Sadhguru s conversation is full of mysticism with a Tadka of Humour This book is like a roller coster ride that will only lift you Up with so much wisdom about our own life A good and must read for all.

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    makes immense sense

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