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Lisp Web Tales Why LispToday We Have Programming Languages Than We Can Count Somehow, Lisp Still Manages To Stand Out, At Least For Me I Ve Been Obsessed With The Lisp Family Of Languages For Four Years Now, And I Ve Been Especially Interested In Common Lisp, Which I Consider To Be The Best General Purpose Dialect It Is An Easy Language To Pick Up, And A Difficult Language To Master So Far, Every Day Spend Learning Lisp Has Been A Huge Plus For Me, So All Those Difficulties Have Been Worth It Lisp Is Fun, Challenging And Rewarding Of Such Efforts No Language I Ve Picked Up Since Or Before Has Felt The Same Way, They Were All Either Needlessly Complex Most Of The Complexity In Lisp Is There For A Reason , Or Too Simplistic And Lacking In Sophistication When That Is NeededAs For How Practical This Language Is For Web Development, It S As Practical As You Make It Lisp Is The Perfect Language For The Gray Areas Where Were We Still Haven T Quite Figured Out How To Do Things I Believe The Web Is One Such Area, And Experimentation And Playful Exploration Of Ideas Is Vital This Is What Lisp Was Designed For, Not For The Web Specifically, But For What It Is, A New Playground Where Flexibility And Creativity Have Room To Grow Common Lisp Has Been A Faithful Ally In My Self Education Maybe It Can Be One For You TooWhats In The BookThe Book Is A Set Of Tutorials And Examples It Uses The Common Lisp Language And Some Of The Libraries We Ll Be Using For The Examples And Tutorials Include The Hunchentoot Web Server The Restas Web Framework The SEXML Library For Outputting XML And HTML Closure Template For HTML Templating Postmodern For PostgreSQL Access, And Cl Reddis As A Simple Datastore Various UtilitiesWho Is This ForThis Book Is For Anyone Interested In Lisp And Web Apps I Assume You Have Some Familiarity With Both Subjects, But I Don T Assume You Are A Lisp Expert, You Can Just Read A Few Tutorials To Get The Basics And Get Back To My Book To Get Started With Web Apps I Ve Linked Some Of Them In Appendix B So You Need To Know What A B Means, I Won T Explain Html And Css To You, And HTTP Shouldn T Be A Scary Mystical Acronym To You Also Some Knowledge Of Databases Would Be Good In Other Words, I Assume You Are A Programmer, Know The Basics And Just Want To Play Around With Lisp Happy Hacking

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