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Longarm and the Vanishing Lady MISSING LINK Deputy Marshal Link St Clair Is Missing In Action Last Seen Hot On The Trail Of Train Robbers Outside Of Cheyenne, The Lost Lawman Hasn T Been Heard From Since And Now It S The Job Of Deputy Marshal Custis Long To Find The Fed But Longarm Is Disturbed By An Odd Coincidence A Beautiful Young Widow He Saved On The Streets Of Denver Has Also Disappeared Without A Trace Her Last Name St Clair Once Longarm Arrives In Cheyenne To Unravel The Mystery, He Encounters A Twisted Trail Of Bloody Murder, Opium Addiction, Deadly Deceit, And Hidden Gold It Turns Out Neither Lilly Or Link St Clair Are What They Appear Only One Thing Is Certain Both Of Them Are Far From Saints

About the Author: Tabor Evans

The Longarm books are a series of western novels featuring the character of Custis Long, who is nicknamed Longarm, a U.S Deputy Marshal based in Denver, Colorado in the 1880s The series is written by Tabor Evans, a house pseudonym used by a number of authors Lou Cameron helped create the character and wrote a number of the early books in the series The first book was published in 1978 and the final one 436 was published in March 2015 In addition there are 29 Giant editions published as well.The Longarm series is a mainstay of the adult western genre which arose in the 1970s These books are distinguished from classical westerns by the inclusion ofexplicit sex and violence.

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