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Love Burns Bright Love, Passion, Desire The Pleasure That Begins With The Thrill Of The First Date, The Breathless Anticipation Of The First Kiss, And The Euphoric Wonder Of The First Night Of Passion Only Deepens As Love Grows These Stories Of Lesbian Couples Celebrating Their Lives And Desire From Some Of The Best Romance And Erotica Writers Today Are Heartfelt And Best Of All, Hot Some Things Really Do Get Better With Time Come Discover The Never Ending Passion Of Lesbian Love And Desire In These Tales Of Love So Bright I didn t expect that practically all stories were erotica Personally I found some stories really good Others were not the kind of erotica I enjoy, but that will not change my mind about the book It is a great piece that above all tells us that love and desire remains strong, it does not matter how long or far is the relationship, or if they are passing through difficult times or rush times.It shows cases of penpal friends that waited 50 years to be together, pregnancy, soldiers away from home, a beautiful and touching story of a elder woman with Alzheimer, songs and paintings, Woodstock I will never feel the same hearing Try by Janis Joplin hahahaha.I got really emotional about them all some than the others, but still I enjoyed the book a lot. A very nice short story anthology 19 stories My favorites are A Story about Sarah by Cheyenne Blue, Full Circle by Chris Paynter, The Portrait by D Jackson Leigh and Sepia Showers by Andrea Dale. A good fast read with diverse short stories, it ended too soon.I love short stories and this collection does not disappoint I am going to see if some of the authors have gone on to write their own books.

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