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Maigret and the Wine Merchant Download Maigret And The Wine Merchant Author Georges Simenon Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Maigret Is A Registered Trademark Of The Estate Of Georges Simenon.

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    Ciascuno di noi, chi pi chi meno, da compiangere Cerco di capire Non ho la pretesa di inchiodare tutti alle loro responsabilit Chi legge Maigret ha da tenere a

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    This is one of Georges Simenon s later mysteries it was published in 1970 but it is every bit as good as his masterpieces of the 1930s Maigret and the Wine Merchant is t

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    Tightly focused, compassionate study of a criminal.

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    This is a book about having a cold the way your world becomes smeary with phlegm as you blink sneeze When you re sick, all of Paris is sick if you are Maigret, trudging down the Rue Fortuny

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    This was my first Maigret and although I appreciated the author s style, an economical use of language and tight plotting, I must say it was a bit of a disappointment Although billed as a mystery, th

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    Simenon published 75 Maigret novels over four decades and they seem to be stuck in a sort of timeless early 20th century Paris This one is from 1969 and one searches in vain for a temporal clue student rebelli

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    Georges Simenon has accomplished a rather remarkable feat in his extensive collection of Inspector Maigret novelshe writes about murder without making it a parlour game, nor is it so sordid that we wincehe uses very una

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    Notes What type of detective is Maigret A justified killing chabutoh i forgotPigou.sorry man

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    Entertaining, fun, engaging.

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    Not bad Not great Simple story, easy read, interesting comments about the society and people way of thinking.

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