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Master of Her Innocence I barely managed to finish this book.The plot was totally so not believable.The heroine was one of the most stupid women ever The things she got up to gave me a flipping headache.The herowell, I suppose he was okaybut really.what he got up to in Diego Cazorra is asked to escort Sister Clare Marchant halfway across Brazil, to save her kidnapped sister Only Clare is not really a nun she is just disguised as one On their journey they spend one night together and now they have to face the consequences and the chance that Clare might be pregnant As alwa 3.75It was good, not great, but good This is my longest review ever And obviously is not exactly a loving one Actually I think I m exaggerating but it s my review, my exaggerations.Let s start with the cover, I don t see the H s blonde, long and shaggy hair anywhere LOTS OF SPOILERS AHEAD Last warning I m practically telling the whole story so if you want a spoiler free review go somewhere elseFirst a not so quick background of H and h Diego The H s father was English, he impregnated the poor Brazilian chambermaid and left She became drug addict so H grew up in a favela He went to jail at 17 because some drug dealer that used to beat his mom turned up dead and dear momma of the year accused him of murder He suffered beatings in jail but a priest taught him English and saved his soul He got out of jail and blah blah then turned out his paternal grandpa had been looking for him and left him a nice inheritance so he could start his mining work with his friend He became one of the richest Brazilians and a manwhore.Clare when she was young her little sister had leukemia so her parents forgot Clare existed and focused on Becky s recuperation I can t blame them much because Becky s life was seriously threaten A great quick read that reminded me a bit of the movie Romancing the Stone. While the plot intrigued me the execution of was a disappointment What didn t work the storytelling was bland It took forever for my interest to hold the romance connection was tepid As I read it was underwhelmed by the chemistry I felt the heroine could leave the hero and find a soul mate The hook up di Fantastic romance Exotic locations Explosive chemistry I have only one important question about this book Did Father Roberto ever get his prayer books The Purest Of Diamonds When Renowned Diamond Magnate Diego Cazorra Is Asked To Escort Sister Clare Marchant Halfway Across Brazil, He Feels Duty Bound To Get Her There After All, Without The Help Of The Church He D Still Be On The Streets But The Look In Clare S Innocent Eyes Tempts Him Like No Other After It S Revealed That Clare Is Only Disguised As A Nun To Save Her Kidnapped Sister, Diego Suddenly Finds Himself Trading His Prize Diamond To Help Her Now Clare Is Indebted To The Notorious Womanizer, And He Intends To Collect Excellent romance with characters that draw you in and a story that has you turning the pages, Loved it

About the Author: Chantelle Shaw

I grew up without a TV, let alone DVD s, computer games etc that my kids spend so much time engrossed in, but I learned to read at an early age and from then on I was always entertained so much so that my friends used to hide their books when I visited them because all I wanted to do was read When I was a teenager I discovered Mills Boon romances in my local library, and so began a lifelon

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