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Mondo Lucha A Go-Go: The Bizarre and Honorable World of Wild Mexican Wrestling Lucha Libre Wrestling Is Nothing Short Of A Phenomenon Its Inescapable Visuals Have Completely Permeated The Mainstream, And Its Popularity Grows Exponentially Every Year, Expanding Out From Latin America To Hold The Entire World In Its Vise Grip Dan Madigan Will Provide The Ultimate Guide For Lucha Fans, In An Awesome Four Color Book That Will Be Undoubtedly Informative And Incredibly Entertaining Posters, Photos, Wrestling Cards, Handbills, Mementos Will Be Featured Throughout The Book Personal Recollections, Quotes, Stories And Memories Of Luchador S Lives And Experiences Will Provide The Backdrop For A Completely Unique Experience In Sports.

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    Much like Sherlock Holmes and movies starring Elvis, Mexican wrestling is one of those things I like the idea of than the execution.Mondo Lucha A Go Go is a coffee table book about the bizarre world of Mexican wrestling, or lucha libre, as it is called This book was primarily an impulse buy after reading the exquisite Hoodtown by Ch...

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    All true lovers of bad movies have to respect the role luchadores have played in the history of film You haven t seen camp until you ve seen the silver masked legend EL SANTO wrestle vampires to the ground and single handedly beat up a bunch of lepers yes that s right, lepers And who can ignore the equally revered BLUE DEMON in such films as Blue Demon vs The

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    oh man, so frikkin good I have been a wrestling fan for almost 30 years, and the lucha style has been one that was mostly on the periphery for me I learned about it when Rey Mysterio and Psychosis came over to ECW in the 90 s, and grew to love the uniqueness of it during the WCW Nitro days when the first hour would be a cruiser weight show basically, showing gu

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    Very fun coffee table book about lucha libre Madigan has packed it with classic full color photos and lays it out as a great introduction to the over the top wrestling style and Mexico s three biggest legends El Santo, Blue Demon and Mil Mascaras This is a period when...

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    A must read for everyone who s interested in Lucha wrestling Well written and excellently illustrated.

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    Decent, but disappointing More style than substance lots of pretty pictures I guess it could be good if you know nothing at all about lucha.

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    Tina modotti fotografa y revolucionaria

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