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Mr. Vertigo I Was Twelve Years Old The First Time I Walked On Water So Begins Mr Vertigo, The Story Of Walt, An Irrepressible Orphan From The Mid West Under The Tutelage Of The Mesmerising Master Yehudi, Walt Is Taken Back To The Mysterious House On The Plains To Prepare Not Only For The Ability To Fly, But Also For The Stardom That Will Accompany It. A bombastic failure of the Book of Illusions Brooklyn Follies type Oh, you know what I mean A very over hyped writer does his own take on the fantastic American Man myth embodiment cough cough silence cough Major pity I read the phenomenal Billy Bathgate , another tidy rags to dirty riches story, earlier this year This is like the Hallmark Movie Network version of that grade A literarily earned machofable Timbuktu, Invisible, NY Trilogy, these are the .. For Your Own GoodWhat is this thing A parable of spiritual self development A re telling of the Wizard of Oz from the point of view of the Wicked Witch A case study in Stockholm Syndrome Whatever Auster meant it to be, it is uninspiring, unedifying, and, as far as I can tell, meaningless a collection of miscelaneous writerly nits and pieces dumped in the same bin bag of a novel because the mess was getting underfoot It may be a dot on the literary map of Auster s journey but not much.Exceptionally cruel child abuse in the cause of a carnival levitation act is not the most promising of story lines Nor are the characters involved in the story the obnoxious St Louis street urchin, the Hungarian rabbi and mystical teacher, the ricketty black genius from Georgia, the drunken Wichita widow on the make, and the toothless Sioux matron who rode with Wild Bill Cody They are little than just weird types , ingredients thrown together to see what the resulting goulash might taste like And aside from the wax on, wax off 33 Step Program by the Mr Miyagi like Hungarian Master, there is no intellectual or spiritual take away.The relentless prose of the senescent narrator as he relates his largely non adventures is relieved only occasionally by his youthful voice of sarcasm, resistance, and regret But that too gets old rapidly The mystery of the missing 6 I read this book for class No, I m not going to follow that with an and thus I hated it , so if that s your type of thing, shoo I won t deny that some of those mandated readings during those readers of yore were a total slog, but that was if not wholly due to extenuating circumstances of teaching style my young self than the novel itself Now that I m older and have an almost obsessively vested interest in literature, I can look at these classroom assignments in book form and say, hm That really wasn t so bad More than not bad, actually Not great, but rather good, the rough sort of polish that would in fact be much appropriate to the high school setting than all that Shakespeare and Dickens and a whole host of other books that should only be taught if the teacher really knows what they re doing, and that rarely happens, if at all The one case I can personally remember of complete and utter success was that of senior year Hamlet the rest barely surface in the memory as a quick liked or didn t like notation, exce

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