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My Paris Kitchen: Recipes and Stories If only My Paris Kitchen were a simple tale of a famous chef and food blogger David Lebovitz spending this past decade living, entertaining, and building a nest for himself in France But it isn t To me, it s a treatise on how eating in Paris has changed over the years They have problems we Americans haven t even thought of There are no recipes here that I want to give even a cursory try I A must have for French cuisine enthusiasts I was so excited when I got approved for this I may have squealed Shhh don t tell anyone I have Ready for Dessert and use it regularly Actually, I have cookbooks from three current or former chefs of Chez Panisse Mainly because I subscribe to their ethos of farm to market, sustainability and simplicity in cooking That s not to say that I don t enjoy hi tech chefs and their foams, soils, liquid nitrogen and agar agar but that s not practical Well, it s not practical for me I do have cookbooks that I know I ll never use I m looking at you Ma Gastronomie I couldn t resist for the shear decadence alone but, I m a home cook I don t mind spending hours in the kitchen but I ve no desire to spend them fiddling with a foamer thus, I look for cookbooks with usability What I like in a cookbook is good recipes obviously and the aesthetic I want pictures of the food What s it supposed to look like in the end And if it s a culture specific cookbook, I enjoy candid photos This cookbook delivers on all points.Cooking is one of my hobbies I don t get intense or aggravated when cooking except that one Christmas when I thought it would be feasible to make 6 different baked goods in one day BY MYSELF I ve never washed that stand mixer so many times in all my l A Collection Of Stories And 100 Sweet And Savory French Inspired Recipes From Popular Food Blogger David Lebovitz, Reflecting The Way Parisians Eat Today And Featuring Lush Photography Taken Around Paris And In David S Parisian Kitchen.It S Been Ten Years Since David Lebovitz Packed Up His Most Treasured Cookbooks, A Well Worn Cast Iron Skillet, And His Laptop And Moved To Paris In That Time, The Culinary Culture Of France Has Shifted As A New Generation Of Chefs And Home Cooks Most Notably In Paris Incorporates Ingredients And Techniques From Around The World Into Traditional French Dishes InMy Paris Kitchen, David Remasters The Classics, Introduces Lesser Known Fare, And Presents 100 Sweet And Savory Recipes That Reflect The Way Modern Parisians Eat Today You Ll Find Soupe L Oignon, Cassoulet, Coq Au Vin, And Croque Monsieur, As Well As Smoky Barbecue Style Pork, Lamb Shank Tagine, Dukkah Roasted Cauliflower, Salt Cod Fritters With Tartar Sauce, And Wheat Berry Salad With Radicchio, Root Vegetables, And Pomegranate And Of Course, There S Dessert Warm Chocolate Cake With Salted Butter Caramel Sauce, Duck Fat Cookies, Bay Leaf Poundcake With Orange Glaze, French Cheesecakeand The List Goes On David Also Shares Stories Told With His Trademark Wit And Humor, And Lush Photography Taken On Location Around Paris And In David S Kitchen Reveals The Quirks, Trials, Beauty, And Joys Of Life In The Culinary Capital Of The World. I don t know about you, but sometimes I get all excited about a book, and then it arrives and I won t touch it Am I intimidated Procrastinating Saving it for the perfect day and mood I haven t figured out that part of my psyche yet The latest victim of this waiting game was David Lebovitz s cookbook My Paris Kitchen Recipes and Stories Visually, it s a gorgeous volume, and Lebovitz has a way with words So why did it sit on the side table untouched for almost 5 months That s a mystery for another day I d better get back to telling you how great it is In My Paris Kitchen, blogger chef celebrated food writer David Lebovitz invites the reader into his own kitchen As is evident from the cookbook s title, Lebovitz makes his home in Paris, France, and has adapted his cooking and baking to his surroundings He visits local markets and shops and is dedicated to making regional dishes with the best ingredients, and then to telling the world about it His particular fusion of American and French food sensibility and the stories that go with them is fascinating, mouth watering, and inspiring by turns This book may well spark a desire within the reader to pack up and make an Atlantic crossing That French market rotisserie chicken sounds divine.With I love David Lebovitz so much I m working my way through this cookbook, Julie Julia style, and it s making me very, very happy. I first encountered David Lebovitz cook, ex pat extraordinaire and raconteur on his website Imagine how delighted I was when I found his My Paris Kitchen, a cookbook, memoir of sorts and travelogue, all rolled into one You ll love the recipes, of course you ll love the stories even. I bought this recently when it was on sale for the Kindle I collect cookbooks and don t typically buy them in digital format, but I was so curious about this one and couldn t pass it up for the price Love the stories and the recipes look wonderful Exci There are cookbooks that I glance through, marking recipes to try Then there are the cookbooks, that sit on my bedside table, ready to read like a novel My Paris Kitchen by David Lebovitz falls in the later category This is a book you want to curl up with, with a cup of tea or a glass of wine It is a lush beautiful cookbook It s a good size, with 340 pages, and filled with lovely photographs The book begins with an introduction, with David talking about his move to Paris and setting up his Paris kitchen He then goes on to cover ingredients in depth garlic alone takes a whole page, and ingredients The book is then divided into 6 sections Appetizers, First Courses, Main Courses, Sides, Desserts, and Pantry I really want to make every single thing in the book well, except for the eggplant recipes but that s me not the recipes I ve marked several to be first tries Appetizers salted olive crisps, Indian cheese bread, green olive basil and almond tapenade, hummus, spice meatballs with sriracha sauce First Courses vegetable soup with basil puree, raw vegetable slaw with creamy garlic Lebovitz is known for his delicious French inspired desserts, but this is of an all round cookbook, with tales of how he entertains friends in his tiny Paris apartment An informative introduction sets the record straight by exploding myths about French food He also tells some amusing stories of how he as an American chef is received by the French who expected him to be a gastronomically illiterate, McDonalds munching doofus.Whereas fresh, local and seasonal food has enjoyed a huge upsurge in popularity in the US in recent decades, the movement had been in decline in France now French food is catching up again This book models a refreshingly simple approach, based on good ingredients and cooking As the French say, this is all about Au pif or with the nose meaning that you adjust things based on your taste, your kitchen, and the ingredients and equipment you have to hand Lebovitz seems to trust his reader the best olive oil is the one you like , which is encouraging in this age of snooty celebrity chefs.The author s warm, conversational tone he s a top notch food blogger makes this cookbook as much of a pleasure to read as the resulting dishes would be to eat Although there is a definite priority given to French and American cuisine, the selection of recipes portrays Paris as a global city with cosmopolitan food influences hummus, Merguez Disclaimer I was reading this for descriptions of French food and Parisian life than I was for recipes The chance that I will actually cook anything from this cookbook starts at fair and decreases Just so you know.Why am I unlikely to actually make any of these dishes Three reasons 1 The French don t eat like I like to eat Very few fresh vegetables, and what s there would, to me, be overcooked Lots and lots of meat, and often the kinds that I would bend over backward to avoid for one reason or another Duck and plenty of duck fat , lamb in weird cuts , guinea hens, salt cod It s a proven cuisine, but not one that matches my palate.2 Many of the recipes call for ingredients or kitchen tools that would be very difficult for me to find in my rural, conservative community.3 A great many of these recipes especially those heavenly sounding pastries are challenging and involved for cooking novices Honestly, I d rather save the money I d undoubtedly spend on failed cooking experiments and go on a trip to Paris instead Leave the baking to the experts.What I did really like about this book was the author s genuine affection for Paris and for food He s encouraging, doesn t talk down to the reader, and gives plenty of ideas on how to adapt recipes based on available ingredients or individual palates And his descriptions of his tiny French apartment and shopping trips to French markets are exactly what I look for in books about Paris Worth the read for those secti

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