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Apprentice Magician Skeeve, His Scaly Mentor Aahz And Beautiful Ex Assassin Tanda Are Back And This Time They Re Treasure Hunting In A Dimension That Combines The Wild West With The Vampire Cursed Hills Of Transylvania Where Gold Is Common As Dirt, And Danger Lurks Behind Every Sagebrush. Myth-ion Improbable (Myth Adventures, #11)

About the Author: Robert Lynn Asprin

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Myth-ion Improbable (Myth Adventures, #11) book, this is one of the most wanted Robert Lynn Asprin author readers around the world.

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    For personal reasons I will mention briefly below Robert Lynn Asprin decided to write a book which takes place between books 3 and 4 Thus Skeeve s team finished with the Big Game the funniest part of the series, hands down it happened in the book 3 and is busy or bored with the routine of being a Royal Magician To makes things a littleinteresting he showed Aazh a trinket he bought from a street bum in one of

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    So somehow I just found out that the writer of this series I was really into in sixth grade started writing the books again, so I had to check it out It revolved around a young magician s apprentice named Skeeve, and his mentor, a demon named Aahz, and their myth adventures Back then, I had found a few of the books left on the shelves in the room I used to share with my brother, and was totally into the series,

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    I couldn t do it I know that Asprin threw this book out to his Myth fans in an attempt to recapture the voice of Skeeve and Aahz in the beginning of the series, but this just didn t do it.The story was whack The plot was confusing and ridiculous Tanda was half a step above a body length pillow, and Aahz was just downright mean Skeeve was well, he was Skeeve, without all the witty dialogue and insightful questions.I

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    This book takes us back to an earlier time of Skeeve s adventures and it is delightful to see his lack of knowledge and stupidity and also the many things he just doesn t understand or misunderstand.I was a little confused why Tananda was called Tanda most of t...

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    It s been at least a decade since I last read any of the Mythadventures books Luckily, I ve read the series at least twice probably three times so reading this book was like getting reacquainted with old friends, especially since it takes place between books three and four there are twelve total Here s the plot in a nutshell our hero Skeeve, his grumpy mentor Aahz, and their lovely ex assassin friend Tananda find a treas

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    No Sorry Bad Wrong.Did not enjoy this I find the rest of the series at least the first 9 books kind of silly and absurd and not great reading in any way, but amusing enough This, on the other hand, was not up to par I understand that Asprin was coming off of personal difficulties and hadn t written these characters in numerous years, but his characterizations were very off, and the light heartedness that was present in the

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    Book 11, but takes place in between books 3 and 4, timeline wise Asprin was trying to recapture the old feel of the previous Myth novels, but it lacks some of the spark that the original three do The characters keep it moving, along with an interesting take on cowboys and vampi...

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    Myth ion Improbable by Robert Asprin was the first book of his that I have read Will definitely have to go back and start at the beginning Really enjoyed this book.

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    My favorite series.

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    The One About the Old WestGoing into my re read of this series, I knew this one was out of order, chronologically I knew reading it after Sweet Myth tery of Life was the proper order for when the novels were published, but I waffled over which way to read it In the end, I saw that it was listed as book eleven in most listings of the books, and decided to read it in that order I think it was the right choice, but I think this book woul

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