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Nemesis In The Stifling Heat Of Equatorial Newark, A Terrifying Epidemic Is Raging, Threatening The Children Of The New Jersey City With Maiming, Paralysis, Lifelong Disability, And Even Death This Is The Startling Theme Of Philip Roth S Wrenching New Book A Wartime Polio Epidemic In The Summer Of And The Effect It Has On A Closely Knit, Family Oriented Newark Community And Its Children At The Center Of Nemesis Is A Vigorous, Dutiful Twenty Three Year Old Playground Director, Bucky Cantor, A Javelin Thrower And Weightlifter, Who Is Devoted To His Charges And Disappointed With Himself Because His Weak Eyes Have Excluded Him From Serving In The War Alongside His Contemporaries Focusing On Cantor S Dilemmas As Polio Begins To Ravage His Playground And On The Everyday Realities He Faces Roth Leads Us Through Every Inch Of Emotion Such A Pestilence Can Breed The Fear, The Panic, The Anger, The Bewilderment, The Suffering, And The Pain Moving Between The Smoldering, Malodorous Streets Of Besieged Newark And Indian Hill, A Pristine Children S Summer Camp High In The Poconos Whose Mountain Air Was Purified Of All Contaminants Roth Depicts A Decent, Energetic Man With The Best Intentions Struggling In His Own Private War Against The Epidemic Roth Is Tenderly Exact At Every Point About Cantor S Passage Into Personal Disaster, And No Less Exact About The Condition Of Childhood Through This Story Runs The Dark Questions That Haunt All Four Of Roth S Late Short Novels, Everyman, Indignation, The Humbling, And Now NemesisWhat Kind Of Accidental Choices Fatally Shape A Life How Does The Individual Withstand The Onslaught Of Circumstance

About the Author: Philip Roth

Philip Milton Roth was an American novelist He gained early literary fame with the 1959 collection Goodbye, Columbus winner of 1960 s National Book Award , cemented it with his 1969 bestseller Portnoy s Complaint, and has continued to write critically acclaimed works, many of which feature his fictional alter ego, Nathan Zuckerman The Zuckerman novels began with The Ghost Writer in 1979, and include American Pastoral 1997 winner of the Pulitzer Prize In May 2011, he won the Man Booker International Prize for lifetime achievement in fiction.

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    With Nemesis Philip Roth presents another masterpiece in terms of linguistic brilliance, composition and the creation of a lasting effect on the reader The story takes place in 1944 In Europe and the Pacific the world war raged.In the summer of 1944, a polio epidemic broke out in Newark, New York Poliomyelitis It was the strongest epidemic in eleven years.Philip Roth has written a very exciting and tragic story You can follow the story b

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    I have been thinking about what makes some books stay in my memory even long after I returned them to a library in a town from which I moved away some ten years ago And why others just fade away to the extent that I could possibly read them again without ever recognising that I have actually met the characters before Or to the extent that I buy a new copy because I have forgotten I own one already Philip Roth s Nemesis is one of those book

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    The last of the eponymous tetralogy, Nemesis is the powerfully written tale of Bucky Cantor and the Newark polio crisis of 1944 Unable to go into the war like his friends primarily due to his poor eyesight, Bucky a natural athlete works as a gym teacher and playground director do those even exist any when the epidemic hits Newark hard As always Roth s prose is sublime, his humanity breathtaking, and his analysis sharp and precise Roth said t

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    A further reading of a book that has stayed with me I d go as far as to say it s one of the five most memorable books I ve read A sympathetic and sometimes unsettling account set at a time of suspicion and suffering The reflection on human nature both good and bad has the ring of complete truth about it It s easy to believe that the conversations and events depicted here actually happened It s both a sad tale and an uplifting one It s a book t

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    if i pie graphed all the wasted hours i ve spent arguing on this site, a sizable portion would be wedged out to old man roth he s one of those guys that really drives people batty call it a flaw, but i really really love those people who drive other people up the wall whether he s too ironic, too earnest, too jewish, too american, too classical, too postmodern, too stylized, not stylized enough, too white, too old, too liberal, too conservative,

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    In three words I can sum up everything I ve learned about life It goes on Robert Frost The meaning of life is that it stops Franz KafkaIn Nemesis, Eugene Bucky Cantor works as a recreation director at a park in Newark in 1944 Because he has bad vision he can t serve in WWII fighting Hitler, but his battlefield at the recreation center becomes the largest Polio epidemic in the US since 1916, also affecting many Jews Besides his eyesight, Bucky is o

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    I read this in a day it was Sunday Started at 9 in the morning weather unseasonably cool finished on the stroke of midnight I did stop to eat and breathe and watch a movie, but gulping down a short Roth was very invigorating This novel has a powerful grip for one so short, like an 80 year old grandmother who just won t let you go It s a tragic story of a polio epidemic in 1944 in Newark, New Jersey and I give it four big stars for its urgency, unusu

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    FRICKIN FANTASTIC If I could pick one author to study read and discuss his books in a College University class it would be Philip Roth.He gets to me Always..and Nemesis is a gem Rather than add anything else to the already wonderful other 5 star reviews that several people also gave this book.I ll just say I think Roth is one of our very best contemporary American writers we ve got Love how this guys brain works

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    What a joy After reading several debut or promising novels, it is a relief to be in the hands of a skilled professional I see no diminution of Roth s power in his last novel The story of a young man in 1944 Newark, in the midst of a polio epidemic, is brilliant and thought provoking.

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    There s nobody less salvageable than a ruined good boy.The gnomic sentence above could have served as the epigraph to Roth s masterpiece American Pastoral, a novel to which this absolutely gorgeous and deeply troubling novelette is, I believe, a terrific B side Like Swede Levov in Pastoral, protagonist Bucky Cantor is an upstanding citizen of his mid 20th century Jewish New Jersey community, athletically gifted and respected by all and like Swede, Bucky

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