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Newjack PDF Epub Newjack By Ted Conover Reptileclassifieds.us Acclaimed Journalist Ted Conover Sets A New Standard For Bold, In Depth Reporting In This First Hand Account Of Life Inside The Penal System.When Conover S Request To Shadow A Recruit At The New York State Corrections Officer Academy Was Denied, He Decided To Apply For A Job As A Prison Officer So Begins His Odyssey At Sing Sing, Once A Model Prison But Now The State S Most Troubled Maximum Security Facility The Result Of His Year There Is This Remarkable Look At One Of America S Most Dangerous Prisons, Where Drugs, Gang Wars, And Sex Are Rampant, And Where The Line Between Violator And Violated Is Often Unclear As Sobering As It Is Suspenseful, Newjack Is An Indispensable Contribution To The Urgent Debate About Our Country S Criminal Justice System, And A Consistently Fascinating Read.

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I like books where the author immerses him or herself in a situation and then writes from his or her own experience Barbara Ehrenreich has done this for several of her books After my mother was sentenced to jail for civil disobedience, she has a much better understanding of who

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    Prison memoirs by prisoners are plentiful, shocking and tragically predictable few have narrated the working life of prison guards, doing a life sentence eight hours at a time I read 4 5 of this excellent book in a day I highly recommend it The author, Ted Connover, goes through the process of becoming a Corrections Officer in the NY state system After a few

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    Much muchthan participant journalism, Conover s ambitious yearlong journey at Sing Sing as a corrections officer don t call him a prison guard produced this nonfiction masterpiece Over the course of NEWJACK prison slang for officer trainee , the reader sees Conover undergo many transitions from excited trainee to disillusioned officer, from hardass guard to s

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    Ted Conover has the crazy idea of working undercover in Sing Sing for a year This is every bit as scary as it sounds, and without being sensationalistic he shows why being a prison guard is one of the worst jobs imaginable Conover has compassion for both the prisoners and the guards, without losing his objectivity or coming o...

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    This is an interesting book about life inside prison by one of America s most innovative authors journalists.Conover made numerous requests of corrections authorities to visit Sing Sing, one of New York state s and America s most notorious prisons He was denied time and time again any opportunity to visit, or interview inmates, officers, etc Conover, unlike mos

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    I want to start by saying I have immense respect for Ted Conover When our prison system denied his request to shadow a corrections officer recruit, he sidestepped the system and applied for the position himself His commitment to the job, in order to bring us the story, is commendable.Newjack is an honest, straightforward look at life inside a prison from the vie

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    Interesting, but I have a prison connection at the moment which made it real and relevant Society s prison culture is a topic, though, that should be of interest topeople due to its size, growth, and the destruction it causes to families of...

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    In the early 1990s anthropologist and journalist Ted Conover applied for access to visit Sing Sing maximum security prison in order to write about it and was turned down Undeterred, Conover at once applied to become a Corrections Officer as a loophole to gain access, and in 1997 he finally got his chance to be a Newjack a trainee CO.He begins by relating his exper

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    Solidly interesting Some kindle highlights In the 1990s, while Wall Street was booming, one out of three black men between the ages of twenty and twenty nine was either behind bars or on probation or parole Young black men in California are now five times as likely to go to prison as to a state university location 413Fifty of the state s seventy one prisons were bu

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    The premise of this book is that the author Ted Conover got a job as a corrections officer in Sing Sing to see what it was like to be a prison guard Seeing as how he looks not tough and was used to hanging out with the high society of New York not the magazine , he comes off pretty whiny sometimes, but it is clear that it is a pretty terrible job, in part due to the

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