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No Stone Unturned An Engagement Is Supposed To Be A Fun, Exciting Time In A Girl S Life But Things Are Never That Easy For Slash And Me Instead, Someone Is Threatening To Expose Slash S Past A Past So Secret, Even I Know Very Little About It.Before I Can Get Used To The Weight Of Nonna S Antique Ring On My Finger, He S On His Way To Rome And We Re Farther Apart Than We Ve Ever Been Still, I Have No Intention Of Sitting At Home And Letting Him Take On The Vatican By Himself.With A Little Expert Level Hacking, I Learn Slash Is Keeping Secrets From Me Big Ones Dangerous Ones In Fact, The I Dig Into Slash S Past, The I Discover Things About Him I Never Knew Things That Eventually Pit Us Against Each Other.From Rome To The Amalfi Coast To The Highest Levels Of The Vatican, We Both Race To Discover The Truth No Matter What I Find, We Re Officially A Team Now, So I Won T Let Him Face This Alone Even If I Don T Know If Our Relationship Can Survive It.And Don T Miss The Rest Of Julie Moffett S Lexi Carmichael Mysteries No One Lives Twice, No One To Trust, No Money Down, No Place Like Rome, No Biz Like Showbiz, No Test For The Wicked, No Woman Left Behind, No Room For Error, No Strings Attached, No Living Soul And No Regrets, Available Now From Carina Press This Book Is Approximately 100,000 Words

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    3.5 starsLexi and Slash are back, this time in a personal story While previous books have pitted Lexi and her friends against major threats to the world with life threatening danger involved, this one offers less mortal peril but emotional obstacles.Lexi and Slash recently have gotten engaged, and Lexi thinks her greatest problem will be dealing with an engagement party and pushy relatives wanting to know when the wedding and gra

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    Lexi number 11 and WOW What a story Lexi and Slash are engaged and living together in their new house However, a couple of incidents have Slash traveling to Italy, leaving a worried Lexi behind Slash is confronted with a part of his past he would rather forget and not have Lexi know But Lexi is not prepared to let Slash face his demons alone Slash has been a mystery for most of the series The suave and skilled hacker and operative, c

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    No Stone Unturned by Julie Moffett is number eleven in the Lexi Carmichael series and the best one yet I think I have said that about every book in the series but this one finally let us fans get to know Slash and his past.I was thrilled that this time Ms Moffett wrote Slash s thoughts throughout this adventure I have always appreciated his caring, concern and admiration of Lexie, his spy operative skills and his super hacking skills b

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    We all have a past The question is, are you going to remain a prisoner to yours Self proclaimed geek and expert hacker, Lexi Carmichael feels out of her element when it comes to peopling Never being one to know what to say and do, she finds herself lost at her own engagement party Slash, her fianc e and fellow hacker, is offering the back up needed to fend off her anxiety But when secrets from Slash s past start to threaten Lex

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    Already on my second read and loving it just as much as the first Although I had read an ARC from NetGalley, the Lexi Carmichael Mysteries series is a must pre order for me I am in awe of every book in this series and No Stone Unturned is my newest favorite Julie Moffett proves time and again that light reading can still reflect quality writing The intricacy of the plots she creates and the evolution of the relationships among her characte

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    Whoa This book had a slightly darker feel than some of the others Maybe it s just me I don t know While the earlier books had high stakes and the potential for massive even global destruction, this one felt personal to Lexi And Slash I mean, they ve finally decided to make their intertwined lives official and suddenly this THING is popping up that threatens to derail them.The issues aren t necessarily on a global scale, but it felt like th

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    A Lexi Carmichael Mystery 11Our favorite Geek, Lexi Carmichael is back along with her new fianc e, Slash, who has put a huge rock on her finger Yes, she is engaged And before you can say Congratulations, Slash is gone and Lexi is frustrated.Feeling left out and worried she takes her hacking skills to the next level and finds out she may not know Slash and his past at all She has questions And she will stand by her man and fight the people thre

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    This time we get to read from both Lexi and Slash s points of view, as they travel throughout Italy to uncover the reason they were sent mysterious letters During their travels, as they speak to a lot of different people, we learn a lot about Slash s past, and Slash also learns some truths himself Lexi seems to have matured a fair bit, and she really is a stabilising force for Slash in this one This book was a great read

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    No Stone Unturned was a wonderful read, I couldn t rush through I had anticipated conflict between Lexi and Slash I was pleasantly surprised when it delivered instead, heart and a sweet sense of what true commitment to one s partner is all about This book is now tied as my favorite in the series I savored every page.

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    A good book diving into Slash s past, along with some of Lexi s trademark antics Definitely excited to see who and what turn up in the next book.

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