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No Substitute for Murder (Subbing isnt for Sissies #1) If You Enjoy This Book, Check Out The Sequels, NO SUBSTITUTE FOR MONEY And NO SUBSTITUTE FOR MATURITY Divorced From A Philandering Con Man And Downsized From Her Job As A Talk Radio Show Producer, Barbara Reed Is Desperate For Money She S Got A Mortgage, A College Loan, An Aging Car, And A Ten Pound Dog Named Cheese Puff With Her Unemployment Checks Running Out, She Signs On As A High School Substitute Teacher And Learns What Stress Is All About When She Finds History Teacher Henry Stoddard Strangled With His Own Outdated Tie, Her Stress Level Soars Into The Red Zone Then She S Assigned To Cover His Classes Stoddard Was A Bully And A Blackmailer The List Of Suspects Is A Long One, And Police Put Barb At The Top When She Discovers A Second Body, The Noose Of Circumstantial Evidence Tightens With Help From The Showgirl Widow Of A Reputed Mobster, A Trash Scavenging Derelict, And Members Of The Cheese Puff Care And Comfort Committee, Barb Struggles To Keep A Grip On Her Job, Her Sanity, And Her Freedom Notice This Mystery Contains No Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, Or Space Aliens It Was Not Tested On Laboratory Animals It Makes No Claims To Political Correctness Characters May Not Be Fully Clothed At All Times

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    I ll start by admitting I met Carolyn J Rose when I took a writing class from her I just finished No Substitute for Murder which I think is her best book yet I don t want to waste a lot of time giving you a synopsis You can read other reviews for that What I will tell you is that this book had me laughing from the first paragraph, right down to the last line Murd

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    I heard someone say she liked this book, but wasn t fond of the quizzes at the first of each chapter Personally, I liked them they were hilarious That may be because I use to be a teacher, but I think anyone might find them amusing, regardless of his her occupation Actually, I must say I thought the entire book was a hoot I m not one for mysteries, but this one was re

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    Loved this Review to come

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    My latest cozy mystery, just out on Kindle, 12 12 11 Soon to be a paperback.

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    A heroin with whom you cannot bond, totally improbable scenario, but enough humor to keep you reading

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    This review, as well as many , can be found on my blog www.thebakingbookworm.blogspot.comAuthor Carolyn J RoseGenre MysteryType Kindle ebookFirst Published January 2012First Line The problem with getting your life back on track is that there s usually another catastrophe hurtling down the rails to knock you off again Synopsis Barbara Reed has hit a major slump in her life Recently divorc

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    Carolyn J Rose s No Substitute for Murder book was a joy to read The writing was concise and stayed on point This book was a quick read that kept me laughing throughout This was embarrassing when I was laughing aloud while reading it on my Kindle while riding on my commuter bus going home in the evening I got many quizzical stares.Barbara Reed is a substitute teacher who is recovering from a

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    Barbara Reed of Reckless River Washington has suffered a series of losses in 2009 her research job on Rick Rivers Radio show, her home to housing market crash after her conniving ex husband wiped out her savings To keep her tiny apartment mortgage paid and feed her tiny orange dog Cheese Puff, Barbara signs on to be a substitute teacher The teaching and administrative staff at one high school are

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    As a former educator, I have to admit that Carolyn Rose s account of subsitute teaching cracked me up, mostly due to her humor The first character she introduces is Wilhemina Frost, affectionately called Big Chill, who schedules subs for teachers I could swear I worked with this woman for six years LOL And who among us hasn t worked with someone who was a festering boil on the backside I enjoyed the ma

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    No Substitute for Murder by Carolyn J Rose kept me guessing and her humor kept me smiling.When a substitute teacher, Barbara, finds a dead body in one of the classrooms, and the dead man isn t one many will miss, the adventure begins As a suspect she feels she must search for the killer before he or she comes after her With a second murder and an attempt on her own life, things become pretty sticky.The cast

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