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Nutik, the Wolf Pup In An Eskimo Village At The Top Of The World Lived A Little Boy Whose Name Was Amaroq Named For The Great Wolf Leader Who Saved The Life Of His Big Sister, Julie, Amaroq Loved Wolves As Much As His Big Sister Did.One Day Julie Brings Home A Sickly Wolf Pup Named Nutik For Amaroq To Feed And Tend Don T Fall In Love With Nutik, Julie Warns, Or Your Heart Will Break When The Wolves Come To Take Their Pup Home Amaroq Feeds And Cares For Nutik, And Soon The Fuzzy Little Pup Is Romping And Playing And Following Amaroq Everywhere Amaroq And Nutik Become Best Friends, But Soon It S Time For Nutik To Rejoin His Wolf Family Will Amaroq Be Strong Like The Great Wolf Leader He Was Named After And Be Able To Let Nutik Go In This Adventure First Told In Julie S Wolf Pack, Sequel To The Newbery Medal Winning Julie Of The Wolves Jean Craighead George Brings The Arctic World Of Julie And Her Family To A Picturebook Audience. Most books about wolves and animals in general become favorites of mine and this is not different My tears welled up for many reasons while reading this.I highly recommend it.Written by Jean Craighead George and illustrated by Ted Rand, published by Harper Collins PB wolves Alaska To see this week s children s books, please visit boy named Amaroq is introduced to a wolf pup named Nutik after his sister finds the sick pup and brings him home for care Amaroq is responsible for caring for Nutik and his sister tells him from the start not to get attached because he ll be leaving to return to his old pack once he s stronger A Awwwww Nutik, the Wolf Pup is about 30 pages long with a handful of sentences per page The main characters of this book are Amaroq, a young Eskimo boy, and Nutik, a sick wolf pup Amaroq gets Nutik when the wolf is young and sick, and it is his job to take care of him and make him better His sister warns him don t fall in love, but obviously that s exactly what happens The wolf and the boy grow together and become very close in the process, doing absolutely everything together Eventually, Nutik s Nutik, the Wolf Pup is about 30 pages long with a handful of sentences per page The main characters

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