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Broca's Brain: Reflections on the Romance of Science Pre ISBNCarl Sagan, Writer And Scientist, Returns From The Frontier To Tell Us About How The World Works In His Delightfully Down To Earth Style, He Explores And Explains A Mind Boggling Future Of Intelligent Robots, Extraterrestrial Life And Its Consquences, And Other Provocative, Fascinating Quandries Of The Future That We Want To See Today.

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    1996 .

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    It s very hard to give a review and rating for the entirety of this book From chapter to chapter it feels disjointed and varies quite a bit in both content and quality I seem forced to review the different parts and chapters individually The first part of the book, titled Scienc

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    27 2015 2015

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    Knjiga je gotovo proro anska U vrijeme kad ju je pisao, Sagan je s pravom bio zabrinut koliko pseudoznanost i antiintelektualna atmosfera sve vi e pro imaju ameri ko i svjetsko dru tvo, a danas smo na alost svjedoci koliko je to uznapredovalo.

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    . 1 2 A note for goodreads Librarians..

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    , 1974 , , Broca s Brain Reflections on the Romance of Science 19 25 .

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    i m amazed that i was able to understand three quarters of this book with little or no help at all from any outside source there were times when i had to use the dictionary or find someone on the internet who can explain physics to a near idiot in the domain even so, i can give myself a pat on the back for this one of course, s

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    A re read after 13 years certainly was worth the effort for at least a few chapters Although a lot of information must be now updated considering this being a 1979 updated edition, this book must have been intense at that time An entire section is dedicated to debunking Paradoxers which occupies than a quarter of the book, especially on Immanuel

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