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The Queen's Vow 4.5 Stars I ll tell you right off the bat that I did not know much about Isabella of Castille before reading The Queen s Vow, though she had been a minor character in one or two novels I d read and had not been portrayed very favorably I knew she was responsible for religious persecution and the discovery of the New World, and that she s a controversial historical figure who has her share of lovers and haters What I m trying to say is that I m not qualified to judge if this is an accurate portrayal of her, and I do suspect that her relationship with Fernando has been romanticized a bit in this story but I don t care This was a fantastic read and one of the best historical fiction novels I ve read this year I m not going to recap the plot for fear of spoiling anything, in case, like me, much of this history is new to you Every time a plot twist surprised me I had to force myself not to run to the internet to find out how it all turned out From page one this book did not want to let go of me, and Isabella was a young woman I had to get to know Facing trial after trial in every aspect of her life with grace, wisdom, and passion, she drew me in and I became so attached to her that I found myself living through her sad when she was sad, happy when she was happy, angry when she was angry, and outraged w Another magnificent release by C.W Gortner He excels at bringing the indomitable Queen Isabella of Castile to life in this gripping and unputdownable novel Highly recommended Isabel Apenas Uma Adolescente Quando A For Am A Tornar Se Uma Pe Numa Conspira O Para Destronar O Seu Meio Irm O, O Rei Henrique Acusada De Trai O E Posta Cativa, Aos Dezassete Anos V Se Subitamente Coroada Rainha De Castela, O Maior Reino De Espanha.Mergulhada Num Conflito Mortal Para Manter O Trono, Est Determinada A Casar Se Com O Nico Homem Que Ama, Mas Que Lhe Proibido Fernando, Pr Ncipe De Arag O Quando Decidem Unir Os Reinos De Ambos Sob O Lema Uma S Coroa, Um S Pa S, Uma S F , Isabel E Fernando Deparam Se Com Uma Espanha Empobrecida E Cercada Por Inimigos.Com Um Grande Interesse Pela Descoberta Do Desconhecido, Deixa Se Apaixonar Pela Vis O De Um Enigm Tico Navegador Chamado Colombo.Mas Quando Os Mouros Do Reino De Granada Declaram Guerra, Tem Lugar Uma Violenta E Terr Vel Batalha Contra Um Antigo Advers Rio, Que Ir Testar Toda A Determina O, A Coragem E A Cren A Tenaz Que Isabel Tem No Seu Destino. Where I got the book ARC from the LibraryThing Early Reviewer program.This is a worthy novel by a popular writer, and yet somehow it leaves me flat I suspect I m not the right reader for this book for one thing, I am rather tired of histfic about the crowned heads of Europe, even if primed by The Tudors and Wolf Hall I was receptive to learning some about the mother of Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII s first of many I d much rather read about an ordinary guy or gal for a change.First, what was good Gortner s prose is polished he kept the huge cast of characters straight in my mind without throwing in obvious identifiers as a less skilled writer would I felt I learned something about 15th century Spain, and it was clear that the subject had been well researched The story spanned several years without jarring jumps forward or backward , and I have no quibbles with the writing or the editing in general.So why aren t I excited I would say reason 1 is that I simply never grew to like any of the characters, even Isabella for whom Gortner obviously has a great deal of sympathy There was a tiny moment, when Isabella and Fernando first met, that I li Find this and other reviews at consider myself a historic fiction reader It is my primary stomping ground and the genre I feel I am most competent reviewing and yet, for some inexplicable reason it took me nine years to pick up and read anything by C.W Gortner How did I manage such as oversight you ask I have not the slightest idea, but I will say, having read both The Queen s Vow and The Tudor Conspiracy within weeks of one another, that Gortner has quickly become one of my all time favorite authors and a staple of my personal library Now despite my having written and released my reviews in the reverse order, I actually read The Queen s Vow before The Tudor Conspiracy, a chance decision that gave me what is apparently a unique view of Gortner s work Older fans seem to have mixed feelings about this piece and while I completely respect their opinions, I think they might be selling Gortner just a bit short Yes, the pacing of this novel does not rival his other works and there is an incredible amount of detail within these pages, but from what I understand the scope of those stories depend on movement and tension while that of this book is much subtle, the incredible detail necessary to the telling Perhaps it is just me, but I believe comparing the two is rather like debating apples and oranges The Queen s Vow is at its core a fictional exploration of a woman who has been defined by the unfortunate results of her political policie After my semi rant about there not being enough fiction about Isabella, I was ecstatic when I saw this book A story from a notable historical fiction author about a woman and her husband who, in a highly patriarchical age, made Spain from to Yes, please As this is my first time reading fiction on Isabella, I have to say I m impressed at the author s research into the time period He certainly isn t shy about weaving abundant historical commentary into the narrative, and his treatment of the time period seemed well rounded, if not a little cautious Plot Summary The book narrates Isabella s life from her time as an disenfranchised and impoverished princess, up to the birth of her last child Second in line to a heavily disputed throne, the most Isabella could hope for was that her mother and her heir brother could provide some stability for her future This changes when Isabella and her brother are called to court by their half brother, the current king Though Isabella tries to distance herself from the corruption and intrigues of court, that proves impossible when whispers of the illegitimacy of the king s heir drives a wedge between the king and her family Then, when her brother dies, Isabella finds herself thrust as the new queen of Castile and the realm Reactions At the epicenter of a tumultuous era, Isabella provides a perfect insider s perspective of the inner workings of the t Read This Review More Like It On My Blog 4.5 out of 5 The Queen s Vow is a great first introduction to a well known and well recommended historical fiction author I ve heard and seen C.W Gortner s name bandied about frequently as one of the best for compelling, researched and still original novels and every claim is only reinforced by my reading experience with this novel about Castile s complicated and dramatic queen Without condescension or annoying repetition, this mostly factual story of 15th century hotbed of war, religious strife and rebellion in what is now known as simply Spain, is riveting from start to finish once The Queen s Vow, and the formidable Isabella, hit their stride, it is nearly impossible to put down Told with an even pace and a clear voice, this four hundred page, multi part novel pretty much guaranteed that I will be reading by this author, and soon In a genre that can often seem quite overbloated with English and French situated books, this exploration into the fertile and sunbaked lands of Spain is a welcome and exciting change.The most remarkable aspect of the entire endeavor is the main character of Isabella herself With the advantage of perspective and history on our side, it s clear that the infanta of Castile is a woman of complicated nature someone that I could not put this book down As he did with Juana of Castile in The Last Queen, Gortner has once again taken a historical queen and made her as interesting and exciting as any modern day heroine It s interesting to me how little I knew of Isabella of Spain one who was so instrumental in allowing Columbus to open the way for the future settlement of what would become America Of course, that is what we were taught when I was in elementary school so many years ago The implications of what came after Columbus s discovery is entirely another story And yes, this is a fictional depiction of a historical figure, but there is no denying the historical accuracy here Gortner does his research well.Isabella rose to power in a tumultuous time in Spain To say that she was a steadfast and determined woman is saying little The conventions of the time did not allow a princess to choose their own husband and yet she did Spurred by her own will and her strong Catholic faith, Isabella was a force to be reckoned with Her marriage to a prince of Aragon was a love match, yes, but also a strategic move for the uniting of Spain Together they brought about the change of many conventions in Spain.However, her reign was not without its blemishes The Inquisition and the expulsion of the Jews are two events that have broug This was an engrossing and educational read about the reign of Isabella I of Castile, a bodacious female monarch who made her indelible mark on Spanish history The timeline of the story stretched from 1464 when she was 13 and an infante, 2nd in line to the throne to 1492 when she reached her 41st year.Her early life before her coronation in 1474 was mostly spent as a captive in the Palace of Segovia, entrusted to the care of her half brother King Enrique VI, whose consort gave birth to an alleged bastard daughter Joanna King Enrique seemed to vacillate between allowing and disallowing this daughter to have a claim to the throne Meanwhile Isabella s full brother Alfonso decided to fight for his own right by rising up in arms against the King, but was subsequently poisoned to death During all this tumult, Isabella met the love of her life, Fernando II of Aragon, who sowed in her the idea of a unified Spain, bringing Castile and Aragon under their joint rule After many twists and turns, the lovers were married, and Isabella was crowned Queen of Castile in 1474 upon the death of King Enrique She was portrayed in those budding years as cool headed, witty, patient and above all, devoted to a fault to her Catholic faith.Almost immediatel I ve not been looking forward to rating this one I am a big fan of Gortner I have pre ordered his last 3 books and The Last Queen is one of my hands down favorites The only way I can peg what went wrong with this one, was simply too much detail Gortner s other books have always moved and been page turners This one was lacking that It just felt flat I felt I could skim 5 pages and didn t miss much In his other reads we felt for the characters and cheered them on Even the evil Catherine de Medici He has always had a way of making his readers feel they were right there in the story In this one Isabella and Fernando led a heck of a life The are mostly known for eliminating the Jews and Moors from Spain Gortner tells you their side of the story It starts with Isabella s childhood The first half of the book was about her bother Alfonso and the civil war between him and their half brother Enrique Then in the second part Isabella herself takes the lead and continues to fight for the crown I never felt emotionally attached to anyone The war scenes were non existent fans of The Confessions of Catherine de Medici remember being on the edge of our seats during the massacre of St Bartholomew Or when Juana in The Last Queen walked into the French Court and defied the king What a memorable scene I didn t feel that passion with this one A character list should have been provided for readers, since there were many charact

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