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Old Records Never Die For me, reading this book was like eating my favourite dessert Full disclosure I am a long time music collector who has never thrown out a record, cassette, CD, music magazine, concert t shirt or hard drive in the 40 years I ve been collecting This through many arguments with my mother growing up, and with successive girlfriends, and even two wives not at the same time, of course who have never understood or appreciated my obsessive habit So it s hard for me to understand why Eric Spitznagel allowed himself to sell off his vinyl collection But it s completely understandable that to me that he would desire to track down every exact piece of vinyl he gave up in a quest to relive his past Spitznagel takes the reader through a quest that many would find ridiculous His sense of humor, though, is such that you can understand the emotion involved in the search and discovery of these precious mementos of his youth The reader makes a mistake, though, thinking from the start that this book is about vinyl Spitznagel s story is about life itself, how it progresses from childhood to adulthood, and how many of us periodically long for those easier, carefree days of our youth, when the most important thing to us may have been that new Replacements album or getting noticed by the cute girl in Chem class His journey fittingly winds up in t It all sounds like a hoot on paper Eric Spitznagel sets out to track down some of the vinyl he used to own not just copies, but the exact same records he sold to pay bills, replaced with CD s, etc It s unfathomable why anyone would want to own a Tom Waits or Liz Phair album once But twice It triggers my acid reflux just thinking about it I started trying to figure it out and my nose started bleeding I took this as a sign to stop.While there s plenty here to recommend, it s obvious Spitznagel has a much different relationship with music than me, not that there s anything wrong with that His standard of excellence is something to make me tremble while I m falling in love in a car during a rainstorm I just want to check my brain at the door, howl at the moon, drink, dance, celebrate life instead of regret, stop just short of playing air guitar, and curse a lot Life s too short for anything else Thank God the 90 s are over I can t handle any angst and hand wringing over something as pure and simple as writing or listening to pop music When I snap my fingers, please move on.Along the way, Spitznagel dials the wayback machine to high school, reuniting with an ex lover an A Hudson Booksellers Best Non Fiction Book Of The Year, With Foreword By Wilco S Jeff TweedyHigh Fidelity Meets Killing Yourself To Live When One Man Searches For His Lost Record Collection As He Finds Himself Within Spitting Distance Of Middle Age, Journalist Eric Spitznagel Feels Acutely The Loss Of Something Freedom Maybe Coolness Could Be The Records He Sold In A Financial Pinch Definitely To Find Out For Sure, He Sets Out On A Quest To Find The Original Vinyl Artifacts From His Past Not Just Copies The Exact Same Records The Bon Jovi Record With His First Girlfriend S Phone Number Scrawled On The Front Sleeve The KISS Alive II He Once Shared With His Little Brother The Replacements Let It Be He S Pretty Sure, 20 Years Later, Would Still Smell Like Weed.As He Embarks On His Hero S Journey, He Reminisces About The Actual Records, The Music, And The People He Listened To It With Old Girlfriends, His High School Pals, And, Most Poignantly, His Father And His Young Son He Explores The Magic Of Music And Memory As He Interweaves His Adventures In Record Culture With Questions About Our Connection To Our Past, The Possibility Of Ever Recapturing It, And Whether We Would Want To If We Could Memories Are Far Indelible When Married To The Physical World, And Spitznagel Proves The Point In This Vivid Book We Love Vinyl Records Because They Combine The Tactile, The Visual, The Seeable Effects Of Age And Care And Carelessness When He Searches For The Records He Lost And Sold, Spitznagel Is Trying To Return To A Tangible Past, And He Details That Process With Great Sensitivity And Impact Dave Eggers, New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Circle I was very excited by the premise of this book, but it simply doesn t deliver I m a music fanatic who has recently returned to vinyl, and I love searching through used record stores looking for albums I used to own before giving them away during one move or another The description of Spitznagel s book made it seem like we were kindred spirits, and I looked forward to reading about his quest to recover his missing loves.Unfortunately, this premise wasn t the focus of the book Instead, Spitznagel focuses on the journey to adulthood and how often we fight against new responsibilities parenthood, a steady income in favor of past indiscretions drugs, one night stands, wasteful spending What s , he has little of interest to say in this regard, sharing many of the same platitudes and ideas that have been explored in far interesting terms hundreds or thousands of times in the past The sections where he discusses music are my favorite passages such as his description of attending a Replacements reunion concert as an adult, or trying to listen to a Misfits With this book, Eric Spitznagel has written a tremendously funny, entertaining and touching story about music, memories and friendship The idea behind the book to find the exact copies of the most important records of your teen years is so outrageous that it shouldn t be possible, and it turns out that in most cases it isn t But the journey itself is worth every page due to Spitznagel s hilarious observations about people in his life, musicians, song lyrics, album cover art, and himself in embarrassing and defining moments in his life carried out with honesty and dripping, self deprecating irony I laughed out loud many times throughout the book resulting in curious looks from my fellow commuters on the train.The book is basically a super long magazine article about a lot of different music mostly from the 1970s and 80s, and one For those of us who came of age in the 70s or 80s, the thrill of purchasing that first record, or the memory of locking ourselves in our rooms to listen to one song over and over again, trying desperately not to scratch the delicate surface of the turning disk, is scored into our psyche The connection between music and memories, especially in our youth, is a powerful one There in the car, driving down Lake Shore and listening to Livin on a Prayer, I had a moment of intense clarity It was suddenly so obvious what I had to do I needed to find that record Not just any record The record The one with Heather s phone number written on it The exact copy I once owned, that represented something hugely important to me, some rite of passage into adulthood And why stop with one record Why not get all of them I wanted my records My exact records My literal exact records I wanted them back All of them Or at least as many as I could find And so begins Eric Spitznagel s odyssey to recover his lost vinyl Searching for his records, Eric revisits moments from his past, connects with old friends and lovers, and meets strange and wonderful new characters along the way With laugh out loud humor and moments of brilliant insight, Eric pulls us along on the journey with him We discover that some memories may have been rewritten, youth I was very disappointed in this book The synopsis read so well, but the content did not live up to the expectations It basically boiled down to a memoir of a man s mid life crisis and his desire to relive his youth mostly his sexual exploits through recovering the records, or son if you love music read this book on I m old enough to have lived through a few different commercial music formats and am guilty of having had conversations in the last six months lamenting the change in how we find and experience music I m aware of how ridiculous it can sound to younger generations or those who just weren t into music growing up, but I was happy to discover a fellow believer in Eric Spitznagel and his nostalgic music memoir, Old Records Never Die Spitznagel relates his formative experiences purchasing LPs in a mostly suburban Midwestern setting, tying stories to particular albums most involved attempts to sway a romantic interest In typical midlife crisis mode amid the stress of a new child and new job opportunity he chooses to fall down the nostalgia wormhole He makes a decision to recover these records, mere copies will not suffice, he needs the exact LPs complete with marker scrawl warnings to siblings on the cover art and, most importantly, with scratches in just the right places We follow him to record swaps, his old college radio station, and a reunion concert by The Replacements on his quest to recover the important few from his sold off collection Of the 581.2 million record units printed between 1983 1985 he s pretty sure I could identify five of them from that period, assuming I m ever in the same room Old Records was a pleasure to read For me, it was full of nostalgia for the good old days of the 1980s and record stores As Spitznagel says, I want the old thrill back, the adrenaline rush of hunting for music the way it s supposed to be hunted In the 80s, I worked in 3 different records stores And if I wasn t working, I was probably zooming to Portland with my friend Rees in his old VWso we could go to record stores That s how you made friends back then all about the music and the hunt for music My first real relationship was based almost entirely around music okay, and art So reading Old Records led me on my own trip down memory lane at the same time I journeyed with Spitznagel on his quest to recover all the old vinyl he d sold or given away or lost over the years And he totally GETS The Replacement

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