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Party of Two (The Wedding Date, #5) Jasmine Book Five I love this book a whole lot and I hope you will too ARC received Thank you soooooo much, Berkley Books I love you, I love you, I love youSqueeeeeeeee It s Alexa s sister s turn I am so excited to learn about Olivia. This book is sweet, smart, entertaining, scandalous the heroine is kickass lawyer and her name is Olivia, too but she doesn t have any gladiator minions worshipping her and she s not dating thankfully with first man Fitzgerald but privileged, wealthy senator and their chemistry is sizzling, hot as hell I may say this is one of the best books of the series and realistic approach to the struggles having in a relationship when you re dating with hotshot, rising star of political arena Both characters are well developed and the opposite attracts situation well reflected Max, charming, brilliant, intelligent and also romantic senator is like a dream come true But he is impulsive, spontaneous, hot blooded When he wants something, he wants to get it whatever it takes It reminded me of a Leo or Aries man, ascendant could be Cancer because there is domestic side and lots of love of food And when it comes to astro analysis of Olivia she reminds me of Aquarius Intelligent, visionary, independent, carrier oriented and her reputation is so important for her Her reluctance of taking risk and being poised, strategizing and planning everything help her to distance herself from the merciless blows of outer world but it also prevents her live her life fully.But the best thing about the book at the same time it was the worst thing because even though I don t have sweet tooth, I craved, screamed for cake Now I understood and adored Marie Antionette so well This book s motto must be LET THEM EAT CAKE there are too many pies and cakes spattered around each pages and I literally bit my Ipad so many times and my teeth bled At 3 a.m I woke my husband okay, I lied we re in quarantine and we are up all night, watching Netflix like other regular people and forced him to bake some cake but unfortunately we stocked so many unnecessary things like veggies, fruits and necessary things booze, new tequila shot glasses but we forgot buying flour Actually throughout 14 years of marriage we never bought flour and we confuse it with chalk dust So my friends I advised you before reading this book stock cakes and pies at your home to enjoy this book or you can turn into me a crazy redhead scream for additional sugar fix Overall Characters are lovely and we welcomed two characters for first book of the series Alexa and Drew Olivia is sister of Alexa Even though at the last part of the story I found Olivia way too much stubborn and insecure, I still got their differences and her past frustrations At some parts her lack of romantic look and so much realistic approach to their relationship bothered me as Max acted like enchanted puppy dog who worshipped the way she walked Pacing, angst, drama It was well balanced and necessarily well told Ending Conclusion is a little formal for old school romantic like me I am always great fan of big romantic over exaggerated gestures Epilogue was much better but predictable.My stars 3.5 I cut some points that I mentioned at the top paragraphs rounded up to 4 stars It was still entertaining, lovable, moving, thought provoking, motivational book with great and important political, social messages So far, my favorite of the series So much thanks to NetGalley and Berkley Publishing for sharing this sweet cake craver ARC with me in exchange my honest review. 12 26 19 COVEEERRRRRRRR.also amazing synopsis THERE WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH JASMINE GUILLORY Goodreads Blog Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Instagram Of course I requested an ARC of this and was approved before realizing it was 5 in a series I haven t read any of the books in OF COURSE I DID Does anyone know if I need to read 1 4 first, or if I could start with this one and go back for the rest later Hi Ms Guillory If you re reading this just know that I ll trade my actual soul for an ARC I cannot CANNOT wait to read this book I love the Wedding Date series so so so so so much. A recently relocated lawyer meets cute with a generically handsome white guy at her hotel bar, gushing over there love of basic desserts She regrets not having a one night stand with him, but soon discovers via the nightly news he s the famously hot new California junior Senator After another run in at a local board meeting, Olivia and Max agree to start dating, agreeing to keep it on the down low Olivia s reluctance to be thrust into the spotlight and Max s tendency to jump head first into anything he believes in without though lead to struggles in their romance.I found this romance dull Olivia and Max spend most of the book apart and in their heads, and the times they do spend on page together are repetitive and lack any spark of real chemistry The description of the copious amounts of cake, donuts, and food the characters eat are exciting than the couch cunnilingus scene DO NOT tell me this is the first time you ve read a couch cunnilingus scene.Also, I am tired of political romances refusing to name political parties The only allusion to Max s party is that his date should be wearing blue, not red and Olivia looking up his stance on the Black Lives Matter movement Max is a Democrat, take a stance.I m sure this story will be wildly popular The cover is cute and the marketing dollars will be pushing it in this 2020 election season official review for LJ will be posted after publication I received a free copy for review for LJ Full RTC Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for giving me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own The writing in this book is very well grounded, with great dialogue and a great blend of some humor, and plenty of depth and drama This book takes place in L.A., following a character who has just moved back to California from NYC While I could do without the NYC bashing kidding , I really enjoyed seeing L.A from the perspective of someone new to the city, and not there for Hollywood It shows a different side to a city I would love to visit one day.Normally, romance books revolve around the will they won t they dynamic, except we all know they will so it s of us just racing to get to that point While there s a few seconds of that, the rest of this book is really about the characters deciding if the relationship is worth it, and fighting to keep their relationship strong despite the world It was honestly, really refreshing to read a book dealing with the actual struggles of a relationship, and not just the struggles of trying to get in one The plot also includes some political aspects, and some aspects you typically see in books dealing with fame, and I loved how they were included.These two characters might be one of my favorite Jasmine Guillory couples They are such well developed characters on their own, and together they work together so beautifully But let s talk about them individually Olivia is driven, dedicated, and private She plans things in advance and is never one to make a quick decision Max is equally driven and dedicated, but he s fine with living a public life, and is just a hint impulsive Okay, maybe a lot impulsive Honestly, he reminds me of a golden retriever and I love him We also have a good set of side characters, with a couple of familiar faces if you ve read previous books I can definitely see one of the side characters being the lead in Jasmine s next book, but that s all I ll say about that.Do not miss this book If you re looking for a fun romance with all the drama and actual healthy relationships, please pick it up A Chance Meeting With A Handsome Stranger Turns Into A Whirlwind Affair That Gets Everyone TalkingDating Is The Last Thing On Olivia Monroe S Mind When She Moves To LA To Start Her Own Law Firm But When She Meets A Gorgeous Man At A Hotel Bar And They Spend The Entire Night Flirting, She Discovers Too Late That He Is None Other Than Hotshot Junior Senator Max Powell Olivia Has Zero Interest In Dating A Politician, But When A Cake Arrives At Her Office With The Cutest Message, She Can T Resist It Is Chocolate Cake, After AllOlivia Is Surprised To Find That Max Is Sweet, Funny, And Noble Not Just Some Privileged White Politician She Assumed Him To Be Because Of Max S High Profile Job, They Start Seeing Each Other Secretly, Which Leads To Clandestine Dates And Silly Disguises But When They Finally Go Public, The Intense Media Scrutiny Means People Are Now Digging Up Her Rocky Past And Criticizing Her Job, Even Her Suitability As A Trophy Girlfriend Olivia Knows What She Has With Max Is Something Special, But Is It Strong Enough To Survive The Heat Of The Spotlight 4.5 5 starsParty of Two is the fifth book in The Wedding Date series These books are sort of a cross between contemporary romance, romantic comedy, and Chick Lit.This book is about Olivia Alexa from The Wedding Date s sister The main question people will want to know is can this book be read as a standalone IMO yes This book is much less connected to the other books Yes Alexa is very briefly in this book But honestly only in one or two scenes So yes there would be a very minor spoiler re Alexa s relationship status But to me very little from the previous books is spoiled here.This book has two narrators Olivia and Max both 3rd person POVs Olivia is a lawyer and she has just moved to Los Angeles to open up her own firm Max is in politics.The two narrators were both hard workers who worked a lot But they had very different personalities Alexa was thoughtful and she liked to plan things out Max was impulsive But I really enjoyed them both and I loved their chemistry.This book was light and charming and fun At times this book was quite sexy But it had two likable main characters And I couldn t stop smiling while reading this story.Overall I really enjoyed this book Was it mildly predictable Yes But I found the story to be sweet and romantic And it made me feel.Thanks to edelweiss and Berkley for allowing me to read this book.

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Jasmine Guillory is a graduate of Wellesley College and Stanford Law School She is a Bay Area native who has towering stacks of books in her living room, a cake recipe for every occasion, and upwards of 50 lipsticks.

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