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Poor Economics Winner Of The 2011 Financial Times Goldman Sachs Best Business Book Of The Year AwardBillions Of Government Dollars, And Thousands Of Charitable Organizations And NGOs, Are Dedicated To Helping The World S Poor But Much Of Their Work Is Based On Assumptions That Are Untested Generalizations At Best, Harmful Misperceptions At Worst.Abhijit Banerjee And Esther Duflo Have Pioneered The Use Of Randomized Control Trials In Development Economics Work Based On These Principles, Supervised By The Poverty Action Lab, Is Being Carried Out In Dozens Of Countries Drawing On This And Their 15 Years Of Research From Chile To India, Kenya To Indonesia, They Have Identified Wholly New Aspects Of The Behavior Of Poor People, Their Needs, And The Way That Aid Or Financial Investment Can Affect Their Lives Their Work Defies Certain Presumptions That Microfinance Is A Cure All, That Schooling Equals Learning, That Poverty At The Level Of 99 Cents A Day Is Just A Extreme Version Of The Experience Any Of Us Have When Our Income Falls Uncomfortably Low.This Important Book Illuminates How The Poor Live, And Offers All Of Us An Opportunity To Think Of A World Beyond Poverty.Learn At Www.pooreconomics.com

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    Well this is a welcome breath of fresh air into the dreary little world of development economics.The contemporary debate ove

  2. says:

    Still one of the better books I ve read on economics, international development, sociology, and political science put together It actu

  3. says:

    Poor Economics doesn t simply offer a unilateral view of how to fight global poverty rather, this book offers views from both sides of the forei

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    I mentioned this book on my blog here, and now I finally read it I ll admit I was a little disappointed that the book wasn t as detailed as her lecture on

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    Banerjee and Duflo have written a great book that aims to see poverty as a set of concrete problems that, once properly identifed and understood, can be solved one

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    Note to Self to include this when writing a full blown review for this book.I recently read an article published in NY Times on how women economists are NOT recognized for th

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    This is one of the best pop economics books I have read in a very long time Such books typically follow the same recipe top academic seeks recognition outside the profession and writes

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    Disappointing I was very eager to read about rigorous studies that determine what works for fighting poverty But the authors somehow kept getting off track from this desperately important concep

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    Full of individual stories about the way the poor cope with their life I normally classify such books as sad Not this one The book is offering something that I haven t seen in many other books that are de

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    I thought I was going to love this book, but I didn t really get much out of it.It was a summary of some aid is good aid which I already believe, so I guess the persuasion wasn t attractive to me The details, thoug

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