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Power Play! Interesting story for porn and cute stuff very well drawn Sadaharu Is A 30 Year Old Would Be Game Designer Whose World Is Turned Upside Down When The Characters From His Latest Hentai Game Start Coming To Life What S , They All Think He S The Great Incubus King Shadahr What S A Man To Do When You Have Beautiful Buxom Babes Trying To Kill You Is He Really The Incubus King Or Is Something At Play Power Play Is Sure To Please With Its Cast Of Sexy Soldiers, Feisty Familiars, Naughty Ninjas, And Sensuous Sorceresses Can Our Hero Survive This Case Of Mistaken Identity Or Will He Be Washed Away In A Torrent Of Pleasure This Book Is Uncensored. My first book by the acclaimed author and I found it a lot of fun Basic story is a nerdy dude scared of girls get s attacked by his hentai RPG game creations It s dopey, but the art is so completely bonkers you can rarely tell what the hell is happening , that the kinetic energy of the thing keeps y Historieta hentai de fantas a a cargo de Yamatogawa. Gg Really enjoyed this book The hentai game style was really intriguing Like I was playing a real game I love books that have a consist story throughout as opposed to a book of short stories not to harp on those of course Ver

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